Sunday 1 September 2013

Milka Nussini: Haselnuss

Product name: Milka Nussini: Haselnuss
Purchase details:
£0.80 for a 37g bar (
205 per bar

I do love trying different Milka products, and today it’s the turn of Nussini: Haselnuss. This bar seemed to have been made in either Germany or Austria (although I’m not certain about this!) and was described on Monster Sweets' website as ‘crunchy wafers sprinkled with hazelnut pieces, filled with a hazelnut cream and coated in a delicious Alpine milk chocolate’. 

Since the majority of this bar did consist of light wafer, it was actually surprisingly large in size. Unfortunately, when I opened the bar, there was evidence of some unexplained meltage and so the glossy chocolate covering was not how it was depicted on the familiar purple wrapper. On the plus side, though, I did quite like being able to see all the little pieces of nuts poking out of the top of the bar.

Inside, the bar consisted of three layers of white wafers alternated with two layers of hazelnut cream. There was a strong hazelnut aroma emanating from the bar and this was also the main flavour, although I was unsure if this mainly came from the cream or the slightly crunchy nut pieces. Whilst I did enjoy the taste, I felt it was a shame that it almost completely cancelled out the chocolate’s flavour. However, the smooth Milka coating did provide a pleasant outer texture.

The wafers in this bar were very crispy and similar to the soft type that are often served with ice cream rather than the slightly harder kind that you’d find in a Kit Kat, for example. As a result, I found the bulk of these wafers to be quite fluffy and dry and so I don’t think all three layers were necessarily needed. 

On the whole, this was a nice enough Milka product, but it didn’t blow me away. 

Appearance: 6.5/10
Overall score:

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