Monday 29 July 2013

Hill Biscuits Snack Packs: Custard creams

Product name: Hill Biscuits Snack Packs: Custard creams
Purchase details:
£0.89 for a multipack of six pack of six biscuits (Home Bargains)
65 per biscuit (390 per pack)
Country of origin:

As a kid, I loved custard creams. In fact, they were probably my favourite biscuit. These days, I can’t say I eat many of them, but this cheap Hill Biscuits multipack from Home Bargains caught my eye due to the different varieties it contained. It held six snack packs, each containing six biscuits – that’s a grand total of 36 biscuits for £0.89 so I wasn’t expecting amazing quality!

I’ll be sampling these biscuits over a potentially long period of time, but tonight I decided to tuck into the original custard creams. I’d never really considered what these were but the pack described them as ‘vanilla flavour cream sandwich biscuits’ and it all suddenly became clear...vanilla! Of course – I’m a sucker for vanilla!

These biscuits had the standard custard cream appearance of two pale brown biscuits containing a traditional pattern, filled with a pale yellow cream. This probably shouldn’t have surprised me, but they did also have a mild custardy scent.

Taste-wise, I found the biscuit has a vanilla-infused rich tea flavour, whilst the cream was particularly sugary – definitely sweeter than other custard creams I’ve tried and the reason why I’ve marked them down in this area. The biscuits were lovely and crunchy and, when eaten normally, the cream centres added a moisture and coolness to the heavier, dry texture. However, I did find that the cream didn’t soften the texture in this format. One of my strange habits, though, is removing the top biscuit layer and eating it alone, leaving the layer with the cream on to eat separately. When consuming the biscuits in this way, it did result in a softer texture, and also more flavour.

I really enjoyed tonight’s trip down memory lane. Before starting my snack pack, I thought it should have been half the size as I wouldn’t normally eat six biscuits at once. However, I’d forgotten just how addictive custard creams are – very moreish! I’ve obviously eaten better quality snacks in my lifetime, but I still wouldn’t turn down another pack of these custard creams, despite them not being quite as good as the ones I ate as a child.

Overall score:

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