Saturday 4 October 2014

Walkers Emma C's Cheesy Beans On Toast

Product name: Walkers Emma C’s Cheesy Beans On Toast
Purchase details:
£1.00 for a multipack of six bags (Poundland)
132 per 25g bag
Country of origin:

Time for my next review from selection 1 of Walkers’ Do Us A Flavour range – Emma C’s Cheesy Beans On Toast was a version I really wanted to try and, if I’m honest, the only reason I bothered with this particular multipack. As a fan of beans on toast who occasionally adds the luxury of cheese, I thought this concept sounded so unique for crisps, and I really wanted to find out what they were like.

The shade of blue used for the bag was a really nice one, and the crisps themselves looked no different from Sarah's Hot Dog With Tomato Ketchup.

On this occasion, the pre-selected ingredient used was cheddar from Somerset (in powder form) and this delivered a standard but delicious cheesy crisp scent. Even better was the cheddar flavour that was on offer – this surprised me because I’d expected a generic cheese taste but not such a specific creamy cheddar one. This was also followed by an element of baked beans which I was also impressed by, with the tomato sauce being realistically mellow and not as tangy as the kind used to replicate the ketchup in Sarah's Hot Dog With Tomato Ketchup. The emphasis was definitely on the cheese, though, which was fine by me.

These crisps were also slightly salty and, at times, tasted quite plain. However, the usual great texture and generally satisfying flavour combined to create another delicious Walkers product. On the whole, I’d probably opt for normal cheese or cheese and onion flavoured options ahead of this baked bean one in future, but I still really enjoyed this interesting twist.

Appearance: 7.5/10
Overall score:

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