Sunday, 26 October 2014

Tesco Your Bakery: Blueberry muffins

Product name: Tesco Your Bakery: Blueberry muffins
Purchase details:
£1.00 for a box of four muffins (Tesco)
249 per 74.5g muffin
Country of origin:

I don’t normally buy supermarket bakery items since they don’t contain nutritional information but, when you get a voucher for a free packet of muffins from Tesco Clubcard, you don’t refuse! To my delight, when I went to pick up my box, I found that the all-important calories are now included on the packaging. They do make you work for the treat, though, since the information is only given per 100g and no product weight is provided!

I opted for the Blueberry muffins from Tesco Your Bakery and I felt the simple packaging reflected the freshness (although they weren’t actually baked in-store, as I had always assumed). Each muffin was a good size and had the expected appearance of a golden outer dough, with a paler bready inside. The top of each one was tinged blue (from the blueberries, not mould!), but when I cut one open, there were only two small berries on show. Knowing that 13% of the product was this fruit, I was confident there would be plenty more elsewhere, but I was still a little disappointed that there was no purple staining on the inside, like what I’m used to from coffee shop muffins.

Before I’d even opened the box, I was aware of the delicious smell coming from within, and this only got stronger when I did finally lift the lid. The cakes smelt deliciously of sweet vanilla and blueberry and they almost felt like they had a sticky glaze on their surfaces (they certainly left little greasy patches on the lid!).

The muffins’ dough was sweet, without being too sweet, and had quite a buttery flavour too. They had a delicate blueberry taste throughout but, unfortunately, the actual berries were very few and far between – even when I knew there was one in the piece I was eating, I could neither feel nor specifically taste it! Thankfully, though, the cakes were still delicious, and the moist and doughy texture was great too.

On the whole, I felt that these were as muffins should be...I just felt that the fruit should have been a bigger feature. After all, if I’d opted for chocolate-flavoured, I’m sure there would have been no shortage of generous chunks. Nevertheless, my family and I thoroughly enjoyed this treat, so thank you very much, Tesco!

Appearance: 7/10
Overall score:

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