Wednesday 8 October 2014

Tesco Ice Creams: Cookie crumble

Product name: Tesco Ice Creams: Cookie crumble
Purchase details:
£1.50 for a box of three ice creams (Tesco)
Calories: 273 per 100ml ice cream
Country of origin:

I wanted to try these new Tesco Ice Creams: Cookie crumble all Summer but never quite got around to it. Thanks to The Orchard, though, I’ve finally managed to do so...for free!

The picture of the ‘vanilla ice cream with dark cookie pieces coated in white chocolate with dark cookie pieces’ looked phenomenal on the icy blue box, with an abundance of ‘cookie crumble’ (8%, in fact). The reality wasn’t too dissimilar but the Belgian white chocolate (34%) did look pretty yellow which was a shame.

Due to being a frozen product, the ice creams didn’t produce any kind of scent when removed from their very simple plastic wrappers. However, I was pleased to find there was more going on in the taste test. The chocolate was very sweet and quite creamy, and it had a great snap, as well as a solid crunch from the cookie pieces. This cookie was an ever-present since it could also be found throughout the ice cream, although the moisture had softened it, here.

I was a little disappointed by the ice cream itself. The crumbs from the cookie had caused the ice cream to be on the grainy side which, in itself, wasn’t a big issue, but I also found it was watery rather than thick so the quality didn’t feel wonderful. Furthermore, whilst it had a slight milky flavour, it wasn’t creamy, unfortunately.

Overall, I felt a bit torn by these Cookie crumble ice creams. The cookie crumbs themselves didn’t noticeably add a specific flavour but the overall experience was in-line with the flavour inspiration. I also really enjoyed the white chocolate shell but the quality of the ice cream meant I felt unable to give the product a higher score.

Appearance: 7.5/10
Overall score:

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