Tuesday 24 June 2014

Lindt Lindor: Peanut butter

Product name: Lindt Lindor: Peanut butter
Purchase details:
£0.40 for a 12g truffle (Bold Street Sweets)
73 per truffle

It’s only relatively recently that I discovered that Lindt Lindor: Peanut butter existed. As with most interesting peanut butter products, the variety isn’t generally available in the UK. However, my colleague recently took a trip to Bold Street Sweets and informed me that they were selling them. It didn’t take me long to get down there myself and buy a few to sample and I wasn’t surprised to be told by the lady who served me that they had been ‘flying out’.

The copper wrapper wasn’t dissimilar from the UK’s hazelnut variety that’s found in the Assorted box and there wasn’t really anything to go on in terms of information. However, I was able to find the Peanut butter truffles on Lindt's USA website. This claimed that the favourite ‘flavour combination’ of milk chocolate and peanut butter was being delivered ‘in a single, deliciously gourmet experience’ with the ‘delicate milk chocolate shell’ holding an ‘irresistibly smooth peanut butter and milk chocolate’ centre.

From the outside, you wouldn’t have guessed that this particular Lindor variety held an inner secret. However, on cutting a chocolate ball open, the difference was immediately clear. Instead of being solidified, the centre was thick and molten and, despite being a darker shade of brown than peanut butter, it was clear from the texture that this was incorporated in the mix.

I can’t say the truffles had a specific peanut butter scent but there was a nutty element within the chocolate aroma. The thick outer shell was milky but also provided a cocoa hit that mellowed the stronger inner flavour. This filling was properly liquidy and had a prominent roasted nut aspect along with a salty aftertaste. Whilst I’d love to rave about it, I did find the peanut butter flavour wasn’t as pure as I’d have liked, and it also had an almost alcoholic tint to it too. Nevertheless, it was still enjoyable.

The texture may well have been out-of-the-ordinary for Lindor but I think I actually preferred it!  Instead of melting in the mouth and bordering on sickliness, the filling was already molten and literally popped out of the shell when a little pressure was applied, leaving behind the tasty chocolate to savour as a nice change.

These Peanut butter truffles weren’t exactly how I expected but I was quite impressed that they weren’t totally predictable. I think the flavour could do with a little work but the chocolates were still great and I maintain that they should be more widely available!

Appearance: 7.5/10
Overall score:

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