Sunday 22 June 2014

Glico Mikado: King choco (praliné)

Product name: Glico Mikado: King choco (praliné)
Purchase details:
£1.39 for a 51g box (Tesco)
128 per 25.5g six biscuit portion (21 per biscuit)
Country of origin:

I was very excited to find this new variety of Glico Mikado from Mondelez International. As the name ‘King choco’ suggested, these biscuit sticks had a bit more going on than normal Mikado and, as a result, were more calories. However, they were still a nicely low-calorie snack.

I loved the imagery of the melted chocolate being poured onto the green box’s logo, and the raised chocolate rings on the picture of the treat looked like a cool little feature too. Designed for ‘chocolate lovers’, these praliné  ‘crunchy biscuit sticks’ were simply described as ‘chocolate with hazelnut flavour’ on the front of the box, but reading the back revealed that this was achieved by an infused chocolate coating  (47%) beneath the ‘lovely milk chocolate swirl’ (21.6%) that finished each piece off. What a fantastic amount of chocolate!

The packet was designed to provide two portions but I prefer to eat Mikado biscuits one or two at a time to use up spare calories. However, this didn’t in any way diminish my enjoyment of them.

The chocolate had a more matt appearance than the box had suggested, and the swirled chocolate was unsurprisingly more uneven and less perfect, but I loved how thick and dark the coating looked against the white biscuit core. Even better was the rich aroma that was emitted, incorporating cocoa, milk and nuts, yet remaining mouth-wateringly sweet.

As I’ve come to expect, the biscuit was pretty standard and plain, but this provided a great basis for the chocolate casing. I just loved the depth of the chocolate and how it provided a softness before reaching the crisp centre. This really thick feature was something that’s not present in the more standard Mikado varieties and it meant that you could choose to enjoy a few seconds of melting if preferred.

The chocolate had a dark chocolate taste with hazelnut undertones. It was really flavoursome with a slight bitterness and, to me, it tasted like a more sophisticated and less nutty Nutella. 

I’d noticed on my receipt that these biscuits came up as ‘kids’ biscuits’ but, if I’m honest, I think these were too good for children! Their flavour felt a bit too dark and grown-up for kids, particularly when considering the sweeter alternatives such as Lu Glico: Mikado (Daim) which seem like a more appropriate after-school treat.

Parents should definitely keep these King choco (praliné) biscuits for themselves!

Appearance: 8/10
Overall score:

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