Saturday 14 June 2014

Fox's Melts: Mississippi mud pie

Product name: Fox’s Melts: Mississippi mud pie
Purchase details:
£1.59 for a 120g pack (Tesco)
83 per biscuit
Country of origin:

Well this is the last of my Vinnie’s Taste of America reviews! It was the only variety I purchased that wasn’t on offer but, due to it being a limited edition, I didn’t want to risk missing out altogether.

Once again, these Fox’s Melts: Mississippi mud pie came packaging featured the American flag and an image of our panda friend. There was also a photograph of one of the bumpy ‘chocolate Viennese biscuits sandwiched with a chocolate cream’. The reverse of the pack warned that this wasn’t actual size but, on opening, I begged to differ!

Both the biscuit and cream aspects of the product came in pretty much the same shade of brown which resulted in a lovely, chocolatey appearance. I also enjoyed the scent which was like a mild chocolate cake batter – yummy.

The biscuits had a really buttery shortbread flavour (butter did actually contribute to 4% of the finished product) with an added chocolate element that hit the back of the mouth. The cream was actually creamier than I expected it to be, and the overall 2% dark chocolate content produced a good general chocolate experience.

The biscuits also had a nice dull crunch which, when dipped in tea, softened a little. I found this method of consumption added a little surprise too – just when I thought the flavour experience had ended, a juicy chocolate sensation suddenly burst out from the cream.

I really enjoyed this take on a chocolate biscuit – the buttery aspect made it something different to your standard Bourbon.

Appearance: 7.5/10
Overall score:

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