Tuesday 17 June 2014

Nestlé Quality Street: My purple bar

Product name: Nestlé Quality Street: My purple bar
Purchase details:
£0.16 for a 40g bar (Tesco Superstore)
208 per bar

Way back in September, I reviewed the Nestlé Quality Street: My green bar, so I couldn’t resist picking up the My purple bar in the post-Christmas stock clearance. It’s just taken a while to get around to eating it!

The ‘milk chocolate with hazelnut in caramel centres’ bar was made for the UK and Ireland and, once again, came in a sparkly purple wrapper. Split into four large but cute nut-shaped segments that were joined by a chocolate rod, each piece had a big hazelnut nestled neatly in the centre of a caramel pool, and emitted a very sweet scent that was only really noticeable up-close.

Technically, a serving was half the bar, but that seemed daft to me so I happily ate the whole thing! What I found interesting was the way the chunky chocolate and thick caramel remained separate when chewing rather than blending together. The caramel wasn’t as stringy as I remembered it from the Hazelnut in Caramel Quality Street sweet – it was ever-so-slightly chewy, although the overall feel was still one of softness that was broken up by the crunchy nut.

Containing a minimum of 14% milk solids, the chocolate melted gradually and had a slight graininess to it. I didn’t find the cocoa flavours to be at all strong. Instead, the bar had quite a plain flavour – it was fairly milky with an added sweetness from the caramel. Even the nut didn’t seem that nutty, although it did provide the strongest distinct element of the lot!

The purple-wrapped Quality Street chocolates have always been my Mum’s favourite so I’m sure she’d love this snack. However, it just didn’t seem as flavourful as normal to me, so I’ll definitely be sticking to my preferred Quality Street: My green bar in future. 

Appearance: 8/10
Overall score:

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