Thursday 19 June 2014

Likkers Suga: Peanut butter

Product name: Likkers Suga: Peanut butter
Purchase details:
£0.60 for a 25g lollipop (Bold Street Sweets)
Country of origin:

Oh my goodness – I’ve actually found a peanut butter flavoured product that, not only have I never had before, but it has never even occurred to me that such a thing should exist! Behold the Likkers Suga: Peanut Butter.

According to the Likkers website, all their lollipops are handmade, and they do some even more random flavours such as Bacon & cheese. I was playing things pretty safe, then!

This Peanut butter version came in a whirl shape with yellow, brown and white stripes on the outside, and a plain cream colour on the inside. The product didn’t actually contain any peanut butter and it didn’t smell nutty either. Instead, it smelt like a candle. I couldn’t put my finger on exactly which flavour but it was the kind of warming smell that red and brown scented candles provide – maybe a deep vanilla or a cinnamon (bearing in mind they don’t always smell like the real thing!). Anyway, this was a good thing because it had the delicious smell with the added bonus that it wasn’t made of wax so I could eat it! Interestingly, the inside smelt more like popcorn.

The lollipop itself was pretty standard. It’s slightly sticky texture was much like a stick of rock in that it was crispy to chew and splintered in the mouth, sticking to teeth in the process. Its surface, despite bumpy in shape, was nice and smooth to suck on too.

The taste was a bit less familiar in lollipop terms. My first thought was that there was a definite peanut butter resemblance but, due to not being in pure form, it also had a slightly dirt-like flavour to it. However, as I let the nice, juicy flavours flow, its sugariness was the main aspect and it tasted very much like the types of sticks of rock I enjoy (I’m always gutted when I end up with a mint one!). When chewing on the candy, though, the nuttiness came to the fore once more, although bigger mouthfuls produced a more popcorn-like flavour.

This was certainly an enjoyable lollipop but it wasn’t as revolutionary as I thought. It tasted nice but didn’t reach its full potential in terms of its peanut butter flavour. I’d definitely like to experiment with the other Likkers varieties, though...I think I’ll try the Coconut next.

Appearance: 7.5/10
Overall score:

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