Saturday 24 May 2014

Mrs. Freshley's Swiss Rolls: Peanut butter flavored

Product name: Mrs. Freshley’s Swiss Rolls: Peanut butter flavored
Purchase details:
£1.99 for a 79g pack of two cakes (A Quarter of Sweets)
360 per pack
Country of origin:

I somehow missed these Mrs. Freshley’s Swiss Rolls on a previous visit to A Quarter of Sweets. The clear plastic wrapper had clearly shown off the chocolate-coated cakes but I hadn’t recognised the pale brown drizzle as an indicator that the product was ‘Peanut butter flavored’! I soon rectified this mistake with a return visit to the store, though.

A look here not only provided the calorie information for these Swiss Rolls, but that the very dark and fairly thick inner swirl of peanut butter was actually Reese’s – yay! That said, I didn’t think it looked much like peanut butter against the chocolate cake – its dense and sticky appearance was a bit like a funny-coloured jam.

The scent of these Rolls was very similar to Reese's Peanut Butter Cups but it was less chocolatey and not as strong. The chocolate-flavoured sponge was very soft, if a little dry, but the moist peanut butter allowed each bite to stick to the roof of the mouth a little. The texture was very much like your standard mini roll offering, really, and I liked how the flexible chocolate layer added a bendy crunch that mixed with the innards of each Roll.

The main flavour was like the chocolate element of a Peanut Butter Cup and seemed to come from the chocolate cake. If I’m honest, it wasn’t wonderful, but I could pick up a slight hint of peanut butter, and this provided a salty kick here and there.

These Mrs. Freshley’s Swiss Rolls: Peanut butter flavored were nice enough but I did feel a bit underwhelmed by their taste. I wouldn’t have described them as ‘nutty’ and, bearing in mind the main attraction was the inclusion of peanut butter, this didn’t feel like a dominant feature, in practice. I did love the concept, though, and would love to see more of this kind of thing in the UK!

Appearance: 8/10
Overall score:

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