Thursday 29 May 2014

Butterkist Toffee

Product name: Butterkist Toffee
113 for a 27g bag
Country of origin:

Believe it or not, I still haven’t finished my Christmas stock, and this mini bag of Butterkist Toffee was another edible treat I received from Santa.

The packaging’s shade of red and general branding was identical to the Toffee Apple variety I’ve previously reviewed but this was a flavour I was much more familiar with!

Made by Tangerine Confectionery Ltd, I was impressed by the whopping 80% toffee coating on this popcorn – there was me thinking that 65% was decent on the Toffee Apple! This lovely, thick and buttery-looking coating looked delicious and made the white centres look particularly fresh.

When it came to the aroma, whilst there was a slight hint of popcorn, this wasn’t of a cinema standard. However, it did have a general carbohydrate smell that was quite like crackers.

The thick toffee coating allowed for a fantastic crunch, although I did find that, even with this handily-portioned bag, chewing did become slightly hard work after a while. However, I loved how even the pieces with a thinner coating still had a noticeably caramelised flavour, and I enjoyed the slight salty hints that seemed to be mixed with the sweetness.

I didn’t expect anything less than a tasty little treat from this Butterkist product and that’s exactly what I got...with the added bonus of a familiarity that made me feel like I was at the pictures!

Appearance: 8/10
Overall score:

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