Sunday 4 May 2014

Cadbury Dairy Milk: Marvellous creations (cookie nut crunch)

Product name: Cadbury Dairy Milk: Marvellous creations (cookie nut crunch)
Purchase details:
£0.25 for a 50g bar or five for £1.00 (Home Bargains)
Calories: 245 per bar
Country of origin:

I’ve had this Cadbury Dairy Milk: Marvellous creations (cookie nut crunch) before and, whilst I hadn’t bought it since (there are just so many other treats waiting to be tried!), I did really enjoy it. However, having heard a rumour that the variety is about to be discontinued, I couldn’t resist stocking up when I saw this fantastic offer.

The packaging featured the usual purple and circus-themed Marvellous creations branding and used a green border for the variety. There was also an illustration of the product within, and the word ‘new’, although I know this had been around for a while now – the wrapper even said it had been made by Kraft UK rather than Mondelez!

The ‘milk chocolate with pieces of biscuit (8%), crunchy almond caramel (5%), and chopped roasted caramelised hazelnuts (3%)’ came in a five-piece bar format that, whilst not quite as exciting as the 200g bar (see my review of cola pretzel honeycomb to see what I mean!), was still more interesting than standard squares of chocolate. The two-tone cookie pieces (white with dark brown speckles) were large so the bar wouldn’t sit flat – a good sign, I thought. Being a lot smaller, the nuts weren’t as visible, but you could see them if you looked closely.

The chocolate itself was the usual Dairy Milk, complete with the lovely, strong aroma, although there was nothing additional in the scent despite the extra ingredients. It had the fantastic creamy flavour that we’ve come to know and love but, again, I couldn’t say the other flavours were very prominent. I thought there was a slight added sweetness but this had more of a gummy sweets type of flavour rather than a sugariness. Every now and then, though, the cookie pieces did provide more of a biscuit flavour whilst, at other times, it reminded me more of honeycomb – weird but nice!

The biscuits were really rough so this did ruin the melt of the chocolate slightly but, before this got in the way, the chocolate itself was really nice and thick. When chewing, though, the crispy cookie and crunchy nuts provided a lovely bit of resistance. The chunkiness of the chocolate really helped fill the mouth with flavour, too, and the overall effect reminded me a bit of Dairy Milk: Fruit & nut. It was a shame the taste of the nuts didn’t come through but there is no denying that this was a very enjoyable bar of chocolate.

I can understand that this variety probably isn’t unusual or daring enough to feature in the Marvellous creations range but I really hope Cadbury don’t discontinue it completely!

Appearance: 8.5/10
Overall score:


  1. This is my fave "Marvellous creations" too.

    Apparently the one being discontinued is cola pretzel, in favour of the new banana one.


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