Thursday 15 May 2014

Lindt Lindor: Stracciatella

Product name: Lindt Lindor: Stracciatella
77 per truffle
Country of origin:

I was really pleased to receive this box of Lindt Lindor: Stracciatella as an alternative Easter gift this year. I had tried this limited edition variety when they were first released, ages ago, but I’d not had them since.

The ‘Swiss white chocolate truffles with slivers of cocoa and a smooth melting filling’ came in an ice blue box which could easily be mistaken for the Coconut variety. The presence of snowflakes also suggested that this particular box had been manufactured in time for last Christmas! I loved the imagery of the melted chocolate being poured into the white chocolate shell and couldn’t wait to tuck into the ‘irresistibly smooth’ treats.

Wikipedia informed me that ‘stracciatella’ is a type of soup but, more fittingly here, it’s also an Italian ‘milk-based ice cream infused with fine chocolate flakes’. Due to the speckled effect on the pale white chocolate balls (provided by the cocoa kernels that contributed to 1% of the product), this made perfect sense! Rather than ice cream, though, Lindt claimed that these truffles tasted ‘like cookies and cream’, although they didn’t actually contain either ingredient.

Knowing that my 200g box contained 17 chocolates, I was able to work out the above calorie content from the website’s nutritional information. Each truffle was individually wrapped, contained a beautifully smooth-looking centre, and emitted a vanilla cookie scent.

The white chocolate itself wasn’t the best I’ve ever tasted but it did have a subtle vanilla flavour. The shell did a surprisingly good job of replicating the taste of cookies and cream and, if allowing it to melt, the pure white chocolate’s contrasting flavour came through more strongly on reaching the cooling and melting centre that I love about Lindor truffles.

The downside of letting the balls melt was the texture of the cocoa kernels. These were bitty and felt like harder and sharper pieces of desiccated coconut. What I did like about this, though, was how their dark chocolate taste made the experience reminiscent of ice cream toppings. When choosing to crunch through the shells, the cocoa slivers also provided a pleasant added crisp.

I mentioned in my first ever Lindor review of the Caramel variety that I did go through a period where I found the brand too sickly. Looking back, I think the texture, as luxurious as it is, contributed to this, since I found it a bit much with the rich flavours on offer. However, the Stracciatella truffles’ flavour seemed to be the perfect match for the inner texture as it was subtle enough to not feel sickly, but strong enough to provide a delicious, creamy and pretty juicy treat.

Although I rationed myself to one chocolate a day, I could easily have eaten more!

Appearance: 9/10
Overall score:

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