Thursday 16 January 2014

Frijj Fudge Brownie

Product name: Frijj Fudge Brownie
Purchase details:
£0.50 for a 471ml bottle (Asda)
367 per bottle
Country of origin:

A few days ago I saw, via Asda’s Twitter page, that their bottles of Frijj ‘thick and smooth’ milkshakes have been reduced to an amazing £0.50 each. I only rarely buy indulgent drinks but I couldn’t turn my nose up at that price so I decided to make a special trip to buy a couple of the more interesting flavours that I’ve not previously had before. 

Initially, I thought this Fudge Brownie flavour was boasting about containing less than 12% fat, but then I noticed the decimal point – 1.2% was much better! In addition, it contained no artificial flavours or colours, and contained a lot of ‘fresh milk’ (69% skimmed and 22% whole) which meant the product was a source of calcium (132mg) and vitamin B12. Other ingredients included sugar (12.9g), buttermilk powder, cocoa powder and natural flavourings.

Made my Dairy Crest, this bottle of Frijj had a basic white and black theme and was covered in splodges, to mimic a cow, but these splodges were a shade of mid-brown to represent the brownie variety. There was also a nice caramelly swirl at the bottom of the bottle and I loved the funky zip design at the side which drew attention to where the label could be torn off in order to recycle the bottle itself.

As recommended, I enjoyed the Fudge Brownie version of ‘Britain’s favourite milkshake’ shaken and chilled. It had a chocolate milk smell and it certainly looked thick – not as thick as ice cream-containing shakes but thicker than normal milk.

To drink, the liquid was very milky and smooth. It had more of a fudge element than I’d expected and this depth went well with the chocolate flavour. I didn’t find the latter had a specific brownie taste but it was very similar to a caramel chocolate. I found the consistency to be good, although I did think it would have had a more fudgy feel if it could have been a little thicker. However, this probably wouldn’t be possible with the ingredients used!

Overall, I enjoyed this milkshake. It was very rich, and a bit sickly, but it was nearly half a litre of milk so I’m not really surprised! I would happily drink it again. 

Appearance: 8/10
Overall score:

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