Friday 17 January 2014

Frijj Cookie Dough

Product name: Frijj Cookie Dough
Purchase details:
£0.50 for a 471ml bottle (Asda)
311 per bottle
Country of origin:

When I recently visited Asda to make the most of their Frijj milkshakes that were on offer for £0.50, it was this Cookie Dough flavour that I was particularly excited about. I’d never seen this kind of milkshake variety so I couldn’t wait to try this new product in the ‘thick and smooth’ range.

Much of this milkshake was the same as the Fudge Brownie one that I reviewed yesterday. It had the same basic bottle design except the splodges were a yellowy-brown colour and he image at the bottom looked a bit like an ice cream swirl with chocolate chip dots. Again, it was best enjoyed shaken and chilled, and it contained less than 1.2% fat with no artificial colours or preservatives.

Despite the similarities, this variety contained fewer calories and sugar (10.1g) than the Fudge Brownie, and it also had slightly more calcium (133mg). Whilst containing the same amount of whole milk (22%), the Cookie Dough flavour had a slightly higher proportion of skimmed milk (72%), although the general main ingredients were unchanged, suggesting that it was the flavourings used that would make a difference to the taste.

The liquid had a very pale appearance and, having expected a very sugary aroma, I was slightly disappointed that I could hardly detect a scent at all – just a milkiness with a very slight sweetness thrown in.

The shake had the same texture as the Fudge Brownie but, unfortunately, it didn’t taste anything like cookie dough to me. It did have quite a strong vanilla-like taste but, really, it seemed to just be a very thick milk that reminded me slightly of a non-lumpy rice pudding. Whilst it did have a sweetness to it, I think it needed to be more sugary in order to come close to replicating the flavour it was trying to achieve.

On the plus side, this variety was far less sickly than the Fudge Brownie, but I felt let down by the flavour since it didn’t achieve its aim. 

Appearance: 7/10
Overall score:

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