Sunday 12 January 2014

Nabisco Nutter Butter: Creme patties

Product name: Nabisco Nutter Butter: Creme patties
Purchase details:
£7.99 for a 297g pack (A Quarter of Sweets)
170 per five patties serving (34 per patty)
Country of origin:

When A Quarter of Sweets posted these Nabisco Nutter Butter: Creme patties on their Twitter page as a new item of stock, I just knew I had to have them. I wouldn’t normally spend so much on a single product just to indulge myself but I was kindly provided with a discount which made my decision a lot easier! Knowing how good the original Nutter Butter cookies are, though, and the large pack size (it contained about nine 32g servings), it wouldn’t have been a big issue for me anyway.

‘Distributed by Kraft Foods’, these ‘crispy wafers with peanut butter creme’ came in a large red pack with an enlarged image of a couple of patties on the front. They looked quite basic in appearance but I was pleased to see that the real peanut butter layer looked quite thick.

I certainly wasn’t expecting what greeted me inside the wrapper – a plastic tray containing three long sheets that each contained 16 patties that could easily (but not particularly neatly!) be broken apart.

Slightly less surprisingly, but much to my delight, I was also hit with an instant mouth-watering peanut butter smell which was particularly nutty. Rather randomly, the aroma wasn’t quite as appealing up-close, as the wafer had a scent that reminded me of the white end of fountain pen eraser pens! 

The wafer was very pale in appearance and had a smooth, raised top and a standard criss-cross wafer base. The peanut butter was a slightly darker shade of brown and had a smooth, moist-looking texture. I couldn’t wait to try a piece! 

The first aspect of the taste I noticed was the wafer itself which was actually very flavourful. The peanut butter then came through and they blended very well together with a slightly sweet overall taste. The flavour wasn’t dissimilar to Mrs. Freshley's Buddy Bars: Peanut butter wafers, but these patties weren’t quite as sweet, and also didn’t have the slightly redundant cocoa layer.

The wafers provided a very crispy centre and the moist peanut butter centre was just wonderful. I would say that each patty was more dry than moist as the peanut butter wasn’t quite as thick as I’d hoped, but the balance of the textures worked well, regardless.

This is definitely a product for fellow peanut butter lovers! 

Appearance: 7/10
Overall score:


  1. I love these so much - can't stop eating them!

  2. Id like a couple of cases of these butter butter wafers.i buy one every other day .there expensive for so little product .the phantom


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