Friday 3 January 2014

Brontë Milk Chocolate And Orange Biscuits

Product name: Brontë Milk Chocolate And Orange Biscuits
Country of origin:

Next up in my reviews of Brontë biscuits from my recent hotel stay is this two-pack of Milk Chocolate And Orange Biscuits – a variety that, on the face of things, was far more appealing to me than the Chocolate Chip And Stem Ginger Biscuits.

Described as ‘luxury orange biscuits with milk chocolate chips’, this snack was made by Paterson Arran Ltd and came in very similar packaging to the Brontë Chocolate Chip And Stem Ginger Biscuits. Again, no nutritional information was provided, but I was pleased to see an increase in the proportion of chocolate chips used (17%).

These biscuits contained rolled oats and, as a result, they looked slightly more Hobnob-like in appearance. They were darker than the shortbread-style dough that had been used for the gingery biscuits, but the milk chocolate chips were, obviously, paler than the dark ones had been. 

The biscuits provided a buttery orange aroma and, although the wrapper had already been slightly unsealed when I went to open it, I was delighted that they weren’t stale at all. They were crunchier than the Chocolate Chip And Stem Ginger Biscuits and they had a good orange flavour which was very like the fruitiness on offer in orange chocolate. Furthermore, the slight chewiness of the oats made me think of candied orange, so this had the effect of adding a bit of authenticity to the flavour.

I was slightly disappointed that the chocolate wasn’t very noticeable but, to be honest, the biscuits were yummy enough based on the orange alone. They were also delicious when dipped in tea since this made them taste buttery and also released an even more orangey taste.

I need to visit hotels more often! 

Appearance: 7.5/10
Overall score:

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