Wednesday 8 January 2014

Dairyfine Coins: White chocolate

Product name: Dairyfine Coins: White chocolate
135 per 25g serving (486 per 90g bag)
Country of origin:

I did well out of Santa this year – I had two visits so I’ve barely scratched the surface on the snacks I received!

Something I happily get in my stocking every year is a bag of chocolate coins and, in recent times, I’ve been particular excited if these have been wrapped in silver foil to indicate white chocolate. This was the case with this bag of Dairyfine Coins: White chocolate which were made for Aldi. As you may remember, I raved about their Choceur Smooth White bar last month but, having checked their website and seeing that this range is specifically aimed at children, I didn’t expect the quality to be as good here.

These Coins came presented in the usual way for this type of seasonal product – in a net bag and shaped and packaged to look like money. In this case, the label even had a picture of an elf and described the product as ‘elf’s pocket money’ which I thought was quite sweet. The coins inside came in two different sizes which represented different ‘values’ – the ‘10 new pence’ coin had an image of a lion whilst the ‘two pence’ had a more traditional money design. 

These foil wrappers slightly moulded the ‘solid white chocolate coins shaped pieces’ but this wasn’t as defined as it could have been. Colour-wise, they looked like standard white chocolate and, despite their relatively thin disc shapes, they still looked fairly decent sizes, and they also had a slight white chocolate smell. 

The Coins had a really good melt that was smooth and gradual. However, I found that both sizes were a bit too big to fit in the mouth comfortably to allow this to happen whole, although they were thick enough to provide a chunkiness to chew instead. 

Now the downside. These just didn’t taste great. They weren’t very creamy and there was an odd edge to the flavour that I couldn’t work out. They also weren’t that sweet although this element did increase the more I ate. As expected, they didn’t seem to be great quality, and it certainly wasn’t anything like the Choceur bar. Whilst the basic elements for a good white chocolate were there, the strange flavour just took over and, I felt, almost tasted like the chocolate had gone off (it hadn’t!). 

Despite my disappointment with the flavour, I did think these Dairyfine Coins were a good novelty for the Christmas season, and I was also pleased to see that they were UTZ certified and, therefore, supported sustainable farming. 

Appearance: 7.5/10
Overall score:

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