Sunday 22 December 2013

Kellogg's Pop Tarts: Frosted confetti cupcake

Product name: Kellogg’s Pop Tarts: Frosted confetti cupcake
Purchase details:
£4.49 for a box of eight tarts (
190 per tart (380 per pack of two)
Country of origin:

Today I’m back onto a more traditional blue box of eight Kellogg’s Pop Tarts. I ordered this Frosted confetti cupcake variety from Bold Street Sweets a few weeks ago and, thanks to a Juice FM discount voucher, I effectively got them for half the £4.49 shelf price – winner!

I wasn’t quite sure if confetti cake was a real thing (a quick Google search suggests it is!) but it seemed pretty clear to me that the name was due to the colourful sprinkles on the white icing. Taste-wise, I was expecting a fairly standard vanilla cupcake flavour, but I also noticed that the image on the box seemed to show confetti in the filling as well as on the outside of the tarts. I liked how these multicoloured spots were also blended into the description ribbon on the packaging and, all in all, the design really reminded me of Aunty Mabel’s aeroplane from one of my favourite childhood TV programmes: Come Outside.

The pastries themselves looked pretty much how they did on the box, although the confetti wasn’t as evenly distributed and, where some pieces had been dislodged, the frosting looked worryingly greasy. The pastry looked like the standard type used for Kellogg’s Pop Tarts and, whilst the filling was barely noticeable next to this, there did appear to be some pink and yellow sprinkles on the inside too.

Despite being cold, there was an instant sweet vanilla aroma on opening the foil wrappers, and I was excited to realise the tarts did actually smell like cake frosting. Like with the other Pop Tarts I’ve tried, the pastry on offer here was still quite dry and soft, and there was a slight saltiness mixed in with the sweetness – I actually found this pastry to be tastier than normal. The filling added moisture and seemed to also contribute to the overall vanilla flavour on offer. However, it didn’t seem to taste like much on its own, which was a bit strange. The confetti did taste sweetened but didn’t provide a strong flavour in the grand scheme of things. Instead, its main purpose was to provide a slightly crunchy texture although, on its own, it was slightly cardboard-like. As usual, the frosting was crispy, but it also tasted more like icing than sugar which was a lovely change. With all the parts combined, the flavours were almost floury and tasted very much like a cake (although not as good in quality due to not being freshly baked). The texture was also quite doughy and stuck to the mouth in a good way by not being too dry or moist.

When toasted, the smell was stronger, warm and cakey – I just wanted to stuff the tart in my mouth! The pastry was soft but slightly crispy and this went really well with the lovely flavour. The filling also became more moist and noticeable as a separate entity. The toasted tart really was very tasty and, whilst not as good as a real cupcake, it was what I call ‘fit’, in its own right.

The microwaved tart didn’t really do anything to change its appearance but it did produce the same yummy smell. The pastry stayed soft whilst the icing remained quite hard. Again, the centre was nice and doughy and, overall, it was a very similar experience to the toasted version. There was simply slightly less crispiness, although the confetti did still provide a sugary crunch.

As a vanilla and cake fan, I really enjoyed these Frosted confetti cupcake Pop Tarts. Whilst some people may not find the flavour an exciting one, I thought these were delicious and also tasted a lot less artificial than some of the Kellogg’s Pop Tarts I’ve tried. We need these in the UK! 

Appearance: 7.5/10
Overall score:

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