Tuesday 3 December 2013

Kellogg's Pop Tarts: Frosted blueberry

Product name: Kellogg’s Pop Tarts: Frosted blueberry
Purchase details:
£1.20 for a pack of two tarts (United States Grocery)
410 per pack
Country of origin:

Having not had any Pop Tarts since July (JULY!), I recently put my Living Social voucher towards this pack from United States Grocery. I was particularly interested to try this Frosted blueberry variety since it’s the first American fruit flavour I’ve sampled, and blueberry is also not a flavour I eat very often.

This twin pack of toaster pastries was presented in the same style of blue packaging as the Frosted brown sugar cinnamon and Frosted s'mores varieties that I’ve reviewed previously. The image on the wrapper showed that the tarts had a jam-like filling and were topped with a white frosting and multicoloured sprinkles.

The front of the packet boasted that the pastries were ‘baked with real fruit!’ and this equated to 10% of the filling which contained dried blueberries, grapes and apples.

The Pop Tarts were so pretty! Despite the product image, I wasn’t expecting them to be quite so colourful in reality. The pastry itself looked the same as the other varieties I’ve tried and I liked that the dark red of the deep filling was visible through the air holes on the top.

In keeping with tradition, I tried half of one pastry cold, the other half toasted, and the final, complete tart microwaved for 10 seconds.

When cold, these pastries had a deep fruity smell that took me back to a specific Summer in my childhood when I ate quite a lot of Go Ahead! Fruit Bakes. Texturally, the pastry was soft but crumbly and had the usual, slightly salted taste, although it also seemed to have absorbed some of the surrounding fruitiness. This was a slightly strange but pleasant phenomenon since the flavour was similar to some kind of Swizzels Matlow sweet (I’m not quite sure which one, though!). The icing provided a nice crispiness whilst the squidgy filling ensured the tart was moist. Surprisingly, I thought the most noticeable fruit taste was apple. However, I didn’t consider this to be a negative thing and I actually thought that this was the most flavoursome type of cold Pop Tart I’ve tried so far.

Toasting half of a tart produced a slightly molten appearance which made me think of toasted marshmallows. It also resulted in a stronger aroma but this was more in terms of the pastry rather than the filling. I loved how crispy the dough went after being toasted since this provided a greater contrast in textures. It also had a more buttery flavour whilst the fruit filling seemed tangier.

After being microwaved, the product didn’t look any different to its cold counterpart, but the pastry did become softer and more flexible. I also found that the sweetness of the icing became more evident and, as a result, set off the fruit’s sharpness nicely.

I wasn’t expecting to rate a fruity Pop Tart quite so highly but these Frosted blueberry ones were pretty good! The best thing about them, for me, was that, for the first time, I didn’t have a preferred way of eating them – each method provided something different yet equally enjoyable. 

Appearance: 8/10
Overall score:

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