Monday, 2 December 2013

Hershey's Krackel

Product name: Hershey’s Krackel
Purchase details:
£0.25 for an 8g bar (United States Grocery)
Calories: 42 per bar
Country of origin:

Having purchased a Living Social voucher a while back, which allowed me to get £10.00 worth of treats for £5.00, I recently visited United States Grocery’s new office location in order to get some American goodies. Since I had a little bit of money to spare, I decided to buy a few Hershey’s chocolates from the Miniatures range.

Like a lot of Brits, I’m not a huge fan of Hershey’s chocolate since we have it so good over here, but I don’t dislike it and I do like to try the different varieties. I certainly thought the Krackel was worth a go for £0.25 a pop!

This tiny snack came in a wrapper that was designed to look like a classic chocolate bar consisting of a foil wrapper with a paper sleeve. In reality, though, this red packaging was actually made of a single piece of paper that contained the simple white logo which featured a ‘crack’ all the way through the name.

The basic description provided was ‘made with chocolate and crisped rice’ and I was quite surprised to see that it both looked and smelt quite strongly of dark chocolate rather than milk chocolate. The bar wasn’t the most attractive thing in the world but it did feature the Hershey’s logo and it was possible to view the rice through the base.

The chocolate had a pretty strong cocoa taste but it was actually quite sweet, considering, although there was also a slight bitterness towards the end of each bite. Unfortunately, I didn’t find it to be an enjoyable melt since, instead of feeling smooth on the tongue, it had a soft but slightly rough texture.

The crispy rice was the main texture, when chewing, but I still wasn’t a massive fan of the feel of the chocolate. The top layer was nice and hard to bite through but, after this point, it felt quite crumbly.

I’m not a great lover of plain chocolate so I did find this Hershey’s Krackel to be preferable. However, I did feel it was let down by its texture. 

Appearance: 6.5/10
Overall score:

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