Tuesday 10 December 2013

Choceur Smooth White

Product name: Choceur Smooth White
Purchase details:
285 per seven and a half square serving

This is my second review of an Aldi product in as many days – maybe I need to begin shopping there!

My parents have recently discovered (and started raving about) the nutty chocolate bars in the Choceur range and, knowing my love of white chocolate, they decided to treat me to this Smooth White bar. Apparently it’s not dear and, if I’m honest, I wasn’t expecting much.

This huge slab of chocolate weighed in at 200g so I wasn’t going to attempt to eat is all at once! Instead, I stuck to the recommended 50g serving which was a quarter of the bar. I did have a good moan about the fact that the bar consisted of 30 squares, though, as this meant it wasn’t divisible by four. (Really...what’s the point of that? Either change the serving size or the mould used for the bar!)

The chocolate came in a lovely box that reflected the colour of white chocolate and also had an attractive picture of the product on the front. The Choceur range described itself as ‘indulgent’ with this particular variety claiming to be ‘delicious white chocolate made with creamy milk’. Inside, the chocolate was also wrapped in a simple foil layer.

This ‘smooth creamy white chocolate’ was made for the UK and Ireland’s Aldi stores and contained a minimum of 14% milk solids. It was a great off-yellow colour and each piece had what appeared to be an unexplained letter ‘S’ on top but, in reality, this was probably just a decorative swirl. The chocolate didn’t have a strong aroma but it did smell deliciously milky.

The instant the chocolate made contact with my tongue, it began to melt, and the flavour hit me. It really was everything that white chocolate should be – it was incredibly flavourful and milky with just enough sweetness to make it beautiful but not so much that it became sickly. Its really chunky, solid texture also meant that the flavour completely filled the mouth when chewing the bar, and it took me straight to my happy place.

As a basic bar of white chocolate, this product really was a simple principle, but it was so satisfying. Well done, Aldi, this was spot on and I’ve added it to my Christmas list! 

Appearance: 8/10
Overall score:


  1. I've tried this before and really enjoyed it - as far as cheap white chocolates go it's one of the better ones. I'd also recommend Lidl's Bellarom white chocolate - the strawberry crisp variety is amazing!

  2. Yes, you certainly should be shopping at Aldi - it's a fantastic place with loads of tasty bargains! Be great to see more reviews of their choc & snacks on these sites.

    I've lost count of the number of evenings I've binged myself silly on this beautiful white choc bar. And it's only a pound (or £1.10??) for 200g! Bargain.

    Thanks for the heads up about the Lidl Strawberry Crisp bar, Kev. Been tempted a few times but not sure if it's a combination that would work. Will definitely give it a go now though - have you reviewed it on your site? If so, I must have missed it.

  3. Thanks for the comments!

    I don't think there is a Lidl by me - I'll have to look out for one on my travels :)


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