Tuesday 17 December 2013

Cadbury Dairy Milk: Strawberries & creme

Product name: Cadbury Dairy Milk: Strawberries & creme
Purchase details:
£0.99 for a 120g bar (Home Bargains)
85 per three chunk serving (672 per bar)
Country of origin:

What better way to mark the middle of December than with a limited edition Summer chocolate bar? That’s right, after sitting on my shelf for several months, I’ve finally got around to reviewing Cadbury Dairy Milk: Strawberries & creme!

Made by Kraft Foods, the bar came in a slightly girly wrapper since, not only did it contain Cadbury purple, but baby pink too. This was understandable for the flavour on offer, though, and I loved how the word ‘Strawberries’ was made to look like the fruit by containing little seeds.

In case anyone was in any doubt about what variety of Dairy Milk this was, the wrapper also contained images of the product and a strawberry, and carried the description of milk chocolate containing a yoghurt  and ‘strawberry flavour filling’. Whilst I’d had yoghurt-based chocolates before in the form of Milka Lila Pause: Erdbeer-Joghurt and Ritter Sport Himbeer-Cranberry Joghurt, I was interested to see Cadbury’s take on the idea.

The aim was to create a bar that tasted like Summer and so the good people at Cadbury half-filled the bar with a ‘delicious crème’ that contained ‘dried skimmed milk yoghurt’ as well as 1% freeze-dried strawberries which promised a mouth-watering experience. The chocolate itself was the usual Dairy Milk and contained 23% milk solids to add to the creamy theme.

This slab of Strawberries & creme had the usual, slightly curved Dairy Milk presentation (as seen with the Snowy delight) and had a pale pink inside which seemed to darken slightly towards the centre. This filling also contained darker speckles which I thought may have been pieces of freeze-dried strawberry. It looked delicious!

As is often the case with fruity chocolate, the bar had a really strong aroma. In this case, it was a sickly sweet strawberry one but, thankfully, this sickliness didn’t transfer to the taste. The strawberry was by far the main flavour and, amazingly, did taste specifically of yoghurt. It was creamier than I’d expected it to be but it also had a slight tang. Unusually, I found the two parts of the bar tended to separate when I broke chunks off, but this did mean I could easily sample the chocolate and yoghurt on their own. In doing so, I found the chocolate did provide its own flavour but had also picked up a fruitiness from contact with the crème. Together, as much as I enjoyed the strawberry flavour, I wouldn’t have minded a stronger chocolate taste as I did feel the classic Dairy Milk goodness was overpowered a little too much.

Texturally, the bar was, again, similar to the Snowy delight since the overall experience was pretty soft, although the chocolate was a little chunkier than the yoghurt. The latter had quite a thick, rough texture but it did melt well, as did the chocolate.

Cadbury certainly didn’t disappoint with this variety of Dairy Milk – roll on next Summer! 

Appearance: 9/10
Overall score:

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