Friday 22 November 2013

Ritter Sport Kokosmakrone

Product name: Ritter Sport Kokosmakrone
Purchase details:
£1.75 for a 100g bar (
144 per four square serving (577 per bar)
Country of origin:

My oh my, Ritter Sport seem to like their coconut – what a good job I do too!

This final Winter 2013 bar translated as ‘coconut macaroon’ and came in a yellow wrapper which, when combined with the blue border, actually gave quite a Summery feel (ignoring the snowman, of course). Once again, the wrapper depicted an image of the chocolate, along with its flavour inspiration – a macaroon.

The Ritter Sport website described how ‘freshly baked coconut macaroons’ had been combined ‘with the best ever Ritter Sport milk chocolate and crispy rice flakes’ in order to produce this Kokosmakrone bar. The flavour was obviously based on the biscuit which, whilst I’ve tried before, I’m not overly familiar with. However, unlike the wrapper’s image, the ones I have previously tried have had a partial chocolate coating, so the combination made perfect sense to me.

This bar was made with Ritter Sport’s classic milk chocolate and was divided into the more usual 16 squares. The light-coloured filling wasn’t the most exciting thing I’ve ever seen since it was a kind of grey/cream colour. However, it still looked appealing and appeared soft in texture with the odd visible rice flake.

Unlike the Kokos and Weisse Cocos bars I’ve previously reviewed, the aroma from this product wasn’t overly strong. However, it was very nice and, in addition to coconut, had a buttery scent.

On tasting the bar, I couldn’t believe how biscuit-like the flavour was. It wasn’t nearly as coconutty as the other varieties I’ve tried but the flavour was definitely there. The biscuit element seemed to come from a creamy butteriness, and the chocolate was also very evident which was realistic when compared to the macaroons I’ve tried before. It had a lovely milky taste.

Since the product contained 2.2% grated coconut and 0.8% rice flakes, there was quite a lot going on texturally. The rice pieces were quite big which I thought was a good thing as it made an impact without being too bitty, whilst the coconut flakes provided an authenticity. As a whole, the centre was soft and creamy and actually reminded me of a less puddle-like Lindt Lindor truffle.

I did find the crispy elements meant the chocolate didn’t work as well when being left to melt on the tongue but they did result in a more intense flavour. I much preferred to chew the bar but there was something about the texture that made me think of popping candy without the ongoing crackling!

This wasn’t my favourite ever Ritter Sport variety but it was still fantastic. Can this brand do no wrong?! 

Appearance: 8/10
Overall score:

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