Thursday 7 November 2013

BN Chocolate

Product name: BN Chocolate
Purchase details:
86 per biscuit
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It’s been over two months since my review of BN Mini: Strawberry but I’ve finally got round to opening my packet of BN Chocolate. I can’t actually remember how much I paid for this substantial 295g packet but I seem to remember them being on offer at the time - I think they were actually the £1.00 that they're currently available for.

These ‘chocolate flavour’ sandwich biscuits came in the square BN shape I was more familiar with. The wrapper was brown and green which I associated with mud and grass – whether or not this was intentional, I’m not sure!

These happy-faced biscuits boasted ‘no artificial colours or flavours’ and, I thought, looked more like crackers due to their grainy appearance. Interestingly the main ingredient was listed as ‘cereals’, consisting of wheat flour and wholemeal wheat, rye and barley flours. They even smelt like crackers and, whilst this wasn’t an unpleasant smell, it didn’t seem right for the product as it made me expect a salty or savoury taste.

Despite the packaging containing cardboard for protection, quite a few of my biscuits had broken corners. However, this didn’t distract too much from the attention to detail demonstrated by the different expressions on the biscuits’ faces, as well as the BN logo on their bases.

The chocolatey cream appeared to have a compressed powdery texture and filled up a large square area between the biscuit layers. Unfortunately, this didn’t add to the aroma, but it did provide quite a strong chocolatey and sugary taste. It was actually quite bitter and, texturally, it was slightly dry and crumbly.

The biscuits didn’t taste at all how I remembered them and I found them to be very similar to Hovis biscuits, but a lot sweeter. I guess, then, they were digestive-like but with a floury element, and they were also very crispy.

Combined, the two flavours worked well together and had a nice texture – I was just surprised that the main sweetness came from the biscuit rather than the chocolate. What shocked me even more was that I think I actually enjoyed BN Chocolate more on this occasion than I did when I was a child! 

Appearance: 8/10
Overall score:

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