Tuesday 5 November 2013


Product name: Maltesers
per 19g bag

Who doesn’t love Maltesers?! Once again, tonight’s review is proof that I have a great job, since this fun size bag was a gift from one of my bosses. It’s also the reason why I don’t know all of the product information since I didn’t catch sight of the multipack bag! I worked the calorie count out myself having checked the nutritional information on the Maltesers website and weighing my bag and finding it was 19g. The only other information I gained from the simple packet was that the product was Fairtrade and made by Mars. 

Most people know what Maltesers are but, nevertheless, I obtained a product description from Tesco's website just to make sure: ‘Chocolate (73%) with crisp, light honeycombed centres (23%)’. I have to say I was surprised at these proportions but, presumably, the larger quantity of chocolate was a result of the centres being aerated and, therefore, not being as big as they looked.

With the Maltesers slogan being ‘the lighter way to enjoy chocolate’, it was fitting that the red wrapper contained images of the malt balls looking like floating bubbles. 

Inside, I was greeted with a familiar sight – slightly dimpled, round milk chocolates that were slightly imperfect by being marginally different sizes and having bumps in difference places. Their inner honeycombed fillings were a contrasting light colour and looked rough in texture. It was when cutting a Malteser open that the thickness of the chocolate became more apparent, making the proportions seem a bit more believable. I guess Maltesers don’t actually look that exciting but, having grown up with them and knowing what’s coming when they hit the tongue, there’s something about their appearance that gets my mouth watering!

I could have sworn Maltesers usually have a pretty strong smell but, in comparison, this bag only had a weak sweet chocolate one. Thankfully, everything else was as expected. The chocolate was amazing and tasted really sweet and creamy – like Galaxy. The honeycomb flavour was there but not too strong. There was a definite sweet honey taste but it was just right and not as powerful as a Crunchie bar.

I love the way Maltesers melt on the tongue despite their slightly unconventional centres - I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve left cinemas with a sore mouth due to attempting to eat a whole bag that way! For that reason, I always mix it up a bit and, as well as chewing the pieces whole, I also love biting the chocolate shells off and then eating the crunchy malt balls.

I definitely think that the pairing of the chocolate and honeycomb flavours in these Maltesers were a match made in Heaven! 

Appearance: 7/10
Overall score:

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