Friday 8 November 2013

Nestlé Quality Street: Creamy chocolate & hazelnut flavoured dessert

Product name: Nestlé Quality Street: Creamy chocolate & hazelnut flavoured dessert
Purchase details:
£0.50 for two pots (Tesco Superstore)
153 per pot

Last week I received an e-mail from Nestlé which led to me finding what is, arguably, the bargain of the century! I was sent a voucher for £0.30 off their dessert range and, having wanted to try these Quality Street green triangle-inspired desserts for a while, I was tempted. When I discovered they’d been reduced to £0.50 in a Tesco, I was practically jumping for joy at the prospect of each pot costing me £0.10!

I mentioned when I did my Quality Street: My green bar review that the green triangle is my favourite Quality Street. The only reason why I hadn’t already tried these desserts is because I’ve been avoiding purchasing fresh treats since I’ve had so many other snacks that have needed eating, I haven’t want to throw short use by dates into the mix!

These two 70g pots came presented in a pretty purple cardboard sleeve, combined with twinkling stars, giving a Christmassy feeling which I don’t actually think was intentional. I thought it was a shame that the image was an illustration rather than a photograph but I did like the shower of green triangles.

Each dessert seemed to have been produced in the UK and came described as a ‘milk chocolate dairy dessert with hazelnut flavour’. The two main ingredients were skimmed milk and cream and the product also contained 16% milk chocolate. Appearance-wise, it was sloppy but thick whilst also being smooth and glossy.

The desserts did give off a praline scent but this wasn’t as strong as the My green bar one. The taste was incredibly creamy but very similar to other chilled desserts I’ve tried. There was a hint of praline there which was a nice touch but it wasn’t as strong as I’d hoped and I certainly wouldn’t have made a connection with green triangles, unfortunately. However, there is no denying how silky, rich and chocolatey this dessert was, and it did glide down the throat beautifully.

The Nestlé slogan is ‘good food, good life’...I have no arguments here. 

Appearance: 8/10
Overall score:

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