Sunday 17 November 2013

Kinder Chocolate: With cereals

Product name: Kinder Chocolate: With cereals
Purchase details:
£0.52 for a 23.5g bar (Martin’s)
per bar

I have a small Kinder Chocolate bar most days with my lunch so I was intrigued by this new product which came described as ‘fine milk chocolate with cereal and a smooth milky filling’.

This With cereals bar came in a wrapper that continued the white and red Kinder theme, with the white looking like spilt milk. It also contained an illustration of the chocolate bar, cereals and a glass of milk.

The bar was distributed by Ferrero UK and seemed to be the usual Kinder Chocolate concept with ‘a delicious milky filling’ and consisted of 33.5% chocolate and 7.5% cereals which were made up of barley, rice, wheat, spelt and buckwheat. It was these five cereals that made this product different, and the wrapper promised a ‘great taste’ and described how they had been ‘simply puffed and toasted’. In total, the product contained 30.5% milk solids and, since it had been designed for kids, the 23.5g portion size was relatively small.

The bar was divided into 10 pieces which each contained a cereal imprint. Although it was shallow, it did feel quite big, and so it did still feel like a treat. The cereal pieces were visible through the base of the bar and seemed similar in appearance to Sugar Puffs. The chocolate and milky filling looked like standard Kinder Chocolate but the filling’s smoothness was interrupted by the aforementioned cereal. Whilst I can’t say it looked as nice as the usual, plain bar, it did still look nice. I was also pleased that the usual sweet, milky aroma remained.

On tasting this snack, I was surprised that the cereal provided quite a strong flavour and actually did taste like Sugar Puffs! There was quite a caramelised taste which was very sweet and tasty but whether or not the cereal had been toasted in sugar, I’m not sure. Due to the strength of this flavour, the general Kinder Chocolate taste was weaker than I’d expected, although there was still a chocolate element there. I did think it was a shame that the milky flavour that I love wasn’t very strong, though.

Texturally, the cereal pieces were soft and fluffy but with crunchy edges. I found it to be similar to popcorn so, combined with the flavours, I thought the overall product was like a popcorn-filled chocolate bar, although creamier and with fewer puffy bits. It was possible to let the chocolate melt and chew the cereal afterwards but I preferred to chew the whole thing as this kept the slight crispiness from the cereal and also provided a more satisfying flavour.

This With cereals bar didn’t taste or feel how I expected it to but it did offer a really nice flavour that’s not present in the original Kinder Chocolate bars. I do prefer the smooth texture of the latter, but this was far, far nicer than I thought it would be and I would happily eat it again. 

Appearance: 7.5/10
Overall score:

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