Tuesday 5 August 2014

Cadbury Roses: Pots of joy (strawberry dream)

Product name: Cadbury Roses: Pots of joy (strawberry dream)
Purchase details:
£1.29 for a pack of four desserts (Tesco)
160 per 70g dessert
Country of origin:

I was very privileged, growing up, as I was the only member of my family who particularly liked the strawberry and orange cremes in tins of Roses. As a result, they were practically guaranteed to be mine! I couldn’t wait to try them in the form of Cadbury’s Pots of joy by Mondelez.

These new, limited edition strawberry dream desserts had the same overall design as the hazel whirl but it was very pink rather than being brown. They again promised to be ‘smooth’ and ‘creamy’, containing melted milk chocolate (9%) and a strawberry flavoured fondant. Sadly, there was no sign of anything close to real strawberries on the ingredients, so I knew this element was purely achieved through flavourings.

Produced by Müller Dairy, the outward appearance remained the same as the hazel whirl and Creme Egg varieties. Beneath the chocolate layer on this occasion, though, was a pale pink delight that added a delicate, sweet strawberry scent to the existing chocolate mousse aroma.

This strawberry dream version actually contained more cream (7%) and chocolate than the other two types I’ve reviewed and I really enjoyed the incredibly creamy taste that combined with the usual, delicious chocolate flavour. The texture was also as exceptional as the Creme Egg's had been – thick and amazingly smooth.

And the strawberry? Well this was a bit artificial and quite medicinal but it was still sugary and tasty. It wasn’t as sweet as an actual Roses chocolate but I don’t think the strawberry element was quite as strong either. However, it did taste like a far superior strawberry milkshake that had the added bonus of chocolate.


Appearance: 8.5/10
Overall score:

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