Friday 8 August 2014

Lu Glico: Mikado (milk chocolate)

Product name: Lu Glico: Mikado (milk chocolate)
Purchase details:
£0.69 for a 75g box (Home Bargains)
11 per 2.3g biscuit
Country of origin: France

I seem to have a habit of reviewing the original version of a product after I’ve already looked at some of the variations. In this case, although the Daim and King choco (praliné) may have seemed more interesting types of Mikado, I was very happy to go back to the first one I ever tried: milk chocolate.

These ‘ultra-thin, crunchy biscuit sticks coated with wonderfully smooth milk chocolate’ were made by Kraft Foods and came in a simple white box that included an illustration of the product. I won’t go over the basic concept again as I did this with the Daim variety but it goes without saying that I was more than pleased with the low calorie count!

Almost half of each stick was taken up by the chocolate layer (49%) which was spread evenly and wasn’t too thin either. The aroma was standard but good – chocolate biscuits!

The biscuits themselves were the usual plain and crispy kind. The chocolate that coated these felt nice and smooth on the tongue and also provided a lovely chocolate flavour that included a sugary element. The lack of bumps on each stick’s surface meant I was also able to revert to my preferred method of consumption – gnawing them like a beaver!

There’s no pretending that Lu Glico: Mikado (milk chocolate) are essentially chocolate biscuits but their great format and lack of calories make them a big hit with me.

Appearance: 7.5/10
Overall score:

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