Saturday 2 August 2014

Cathedral City Baked Bites

Product name: Cathedral City Baked Bites
Purchase details:
£0.25 for a 35g bag (Home Bargains)
173 per bag
Country of origin:

I was really pleased to find these Cathedral City Baked Bites in Home Bargains so cheaply recently. I usually only eat reduced fat cheddar but, as a treat, Cathedral City’s ‘real’ cheese is one of my favourites. I only recently became aware of this spin-off product and was interested to see how they compared to McVitie’s Mini Cheddars.

The ‘mini biscuits baked with real cheddar’ from ‘the nation’s favourite cheese brand’ were made by Burton’s Biscuit Co under licence from Dairy Crest Limited. The burgundy and pale yellow bag reflected the colour scheme of the block cheese, and I was pleasantly surprised that the crackers contained 20% cheese as well as 2.9% cheese powder.

The golden biscuits were oval in shape and featured the Cathedral City logo. This wasn’t always that clear in person but it did show up well on my photograph! The aroma they gave off was divine – a simply delicious cheese-infused cracker scent.

I couldn’t believe just how good these tasted. They had a mature cheddar flavour throughout and, whilst this wasn’t as strong as if I’d been munching on a hunk of cheese, it was still very, very good. I also liked how they weren’t really salty – there was just a slight lick of it in the aftertaste.

As for the crispy biscuits themselves, I really appreciated how these didn’t feel dry. Instead, the crumbs gathered together in the mouth, allowing them to moisten before swallowing.

It was only as I was eating these that I realised it’s actually been a few years since I last ate some Mini Cheddars and, as a result, it’s difficult to accurately compare the two brands. However, these Baked Bites definitely reminded me of the McVitie’s competitor, but my memory resulted in the conclusion that the Cathedral City version had a more genuine cheese flavour.

The other good thing about this bag was that it contained a generous portion, making the product a nice alternative to crisps. I’ll definitely be buying these again.

Appearance: 8/10
Overall score:


  1. I really like these, too! I just recently found them in Wilkinson's, of all places. I'm also a big fan of the Mini Cheddars - to me, the biggest difference is the greasiness & saltiness. Mini Cheddars are...greasier and saltier, haha. They're both super tasty, but I certainly feel a little better about myself after the Cathedral ones. :)

    1. Great point about the greasiness. I'd noticed these didn't leave my fingers or lips greasy but I couldn't remember if that was a feature of Mini Cheddars or just other general crackers I've eaten haha.

  2. These sound delicious! I wouldn't usually bother buying something like as they're usually too dry or overly salty.

    1. Oh I'd definitely recommend them, Kev - I thought they had a great balance in both of those areas :)


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