Tuesday 1 April 2014

Shaken Udder Strawberry!

Product name: Shaken Udder Strawberry!
Purchase details:
£0.39 for a 200ml carton or three for £1.00 (Home Bargains)
136 per carton
Country of origin:

Following on from my review of Shaken Udder Chocolate!, the time has come for me to review the Strawberry! version.

This ‘delicious blend of natural fresh milk and real strawberries’ was exactly the same concept as Shaken Udder Chocolate! but was made of 93% semi-skimmed milk and 1% strawberry puree and came in a red carton to represent the flavour.

As instructed, I sampled the drink ‘ice cold’, and shaken. The liquid was extremely pale pink in colour which suggested that it was as healthy as it claimed to be – I noticed on the ingredients list that even this shade had been achieved by using concentrates of radish, pumpkin, apple and tomato!

The drink had a sweet strawberry scent that reminded me a bit of Storck Campino sweets. Whilst this was deliciously strong on first sniff, it was the type of aroma that didn’t linger.

The milkshake’s flavour took me right back to the occasional drinks of strawberry milk I had when I was a kid. I did find it tasted slightly artificial, despite its natural ingredients, but I did enjoy the flavour and found it had a little sugary kick too. To top it off, it was also surprisingly creamy.

As with the Chocolate! variety, this drink wasn’t as thick as I like my milkshakes to be, but it was smooth and a little thicker than standard milk. However, I did find it felt almost watery when first entering the mouth, which was a shame.

Since Shaken Udder Strawberry! was designed to be drunk straight from the carton, I also tried the shake through the straw provided, and found that this intensified the flavour – presumably due to it being focussed on a specific area of the tongue!

Once again, this was a tasty little offering from Shaken Udder, and one I would have loved to have found in my childhood lunchboxes.

Appearance: 7.5/10
Overall score:

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