Thursday 10 April 2014

Galaxy Smooth Milk

Product name: Galaxy Smooth Milk
228 for a 42g bar

I was delighted to receive this bar of Galaxy Smooth Milk for free from Galaxy’s promotion team as I was walking through my city centre last week. Since I had already reviewed Galaxy chocolate as part of my Celebrations review, I thought I knew what to expect from this product, but it actually exceeded my expectations!

Made by Mars for Great Britain and Ireland, the bar came in a glossy chocolate brown wrapper that boasted a ‘new silkier feel’. Knowing how smooth this chocolate usually is, I was a bit dubious, I have to say!

The ‘smooth and creamy milk chocolate’ contained a minimum of 14% milk solids and 25% cocoa solids, with the cocoa being sourced from Rainforest Alliance certified farms. The bar was divided into six segments that were the same shape as the Galaxy Honeycomb Crisp I’ve previously reviewed. However, there were no bumpy yellow bits this time! Its scent was also its usual beautifully creamy and sweet self.

On placing a chunk on my tongue, I was gobsmacked to find I noticed the change in texture immediately. It felt almost liquid-like, was as smooth as ever, and I could even feel it melting in my cheeks as I chewed on it!

As for the taste, on the whole, it had the same great thick and creamy sweet chocolate flavour that I love, but I also felt the texture improved its impact by filling the mouth that little bit more.

This bar of Galaxy Smooth Milk was such a treat – it maintained the great qualities I’ve always enjoyed but then made them better. Amazing. Thanks Galaxy!

Appearance: 7.5/10
Overall score:

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