Tuesday 8 April 2014

Cadbury Wishes: Little wishes

Product name: Cadbury Wishes: Little wishes
Purchase details:
£1.00 for a 128g bag (Tesco Superstore)
175 per 32g serving
Country of origin:

Cadbury Wishes have been around for a while (although this pack still said ‘new’ – I bought them a while ago!) but this was my first experience of them. With 10% of the product going to Make-A-Wish, I opted for the Little wishes so I could use them as add-ons to my daily diet. Technically, a serving was a quarter of the bag but, with 34 Little wishes in my pack, I worked out that each one was approximately 20 calories.

The star-shaped ‘solid milk chocolate and milk chocolates with truffle centres (31%)’ came in a gold resealable bag which followed the star theme. The pieces with a simple design of a star border were the standard chocolate stars whilst the truffle pieces were represented by the shapes that featured three smaller stars. The packaging did warn that the Little wishes may be scuffed in transit and this was certainly the case which was a real shame as it made some of the detail barely visible. However, bearing in mind the amount of chocolates in the bag, and the fact some of them were solid chocolate, I was impressed by the high percentage of truffle the product contained.

The chocolate contained a minimum of 20% milk solids and had a lovely chocolatey smell up-close. I found both varieties to have a surprisingly creamy taste which I can’t say I was expecting since it wasn’t Dairy Milk!

The solid chocolate stars had a nice, slow but slightly grainy melt, and I loved their chunkiness too. The truffle stars only looked slightly different inside – there was an ever-so-slightly darker dome-shaped centre with a fairly fluffy appearance. On the whole, this version melted the same, but I did think the truffle felt a little cooler on the tongue. These stars were also a little softer to chew but, thankfully, they maintained their chunkiness.

In terms of taste, this wasn’t the most innovative product out there, but it was certainly tasty and a great way to use up some spare calories. I loved that a percentage of the profit, however small, went to charity – I just wish (no pun intended!) that something could be done about the scuffing! 

Appearance: 6.5/10
Overall score:

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