Thursday 3 April 2014

Kraft Handi-Snacks: Oreo

Product name: Kraft Handi-Snacks: Oreo
Purchase details:
A Quarter of Sweets
140 per 28g pack
Country of origin:

I’d like to thank the lovely people at A Quarter of Sweets for providing me with this box of Kraft Handi-Snacks: Oreo in return for an honest review.

I’m a regular consumer of The Laughing Cow Cheez Dippers and these ‘cookie sticks’ with a ‘creme dip’ came in an almost identical format so it was a nice change for this dipping snack to be sweet and to not need chilling. I’m a huge Oreo fan too so I was generally very excited!

The Handi-Snacks came in a yellow and blue box (usually priced at £6.99 for a pack of six) that featured an illustration of the product. The inner plastic trays were very basic and simply featured transparent film lids with the Kraft Handi-Snacks logo but this did make it possible to view the dark biscuits and very white creme within.

There were six Oreo-branded biscuit sticks in each tub which were joined together in pairs. This did make eating them slightly messy as breaking them apart spread black crumbs about but I didn’t mind! I didn’t find they had as strong an Oreo scent as usual but they did smell of more standard biscuits.

The creme had a nice vanilla aroma and was incredibly soft. It tasted divine too – its sugary vanilla flavour was very much like a softer version of the usual cookie filling and almost like a warm ice cream. This extreme sweetness balanced very well with the slightly bitter cocoa flavour on offer from the incredibly crunchy Oreo sticks.

I’m not a creative person, so it never would have occurred to me naturally, but I saw on the back of the box that it was possible to ‘stack ’em’ to recreate the sandwich biscuit effect. This obviously wasn’t as convenient a method of consumption, as it involved a knife, but it did mix things up a bit! I did find, though, that the doubling up of the biscuit sticks made the texture a little bit too crunchy since the paste-like consistency of the dip didn’t provide the same resistance that is present in the usual sandwich cookies - it was also messier as the creme spurted out the sides.

As someone with a sweet tooth, I loved this alternative Oreo product and I wish this kind of snack was available in the UK. At least we have A Quarter of Sweets to import such excitement for us!

Appearance: 8/10
Overall score:


  1. I really want to try these! Love Oreos and this dipping version looks so yum :)

  2. Ooh I really want to try these! They sound really good, have you read the rant about them by the Oreo guy ? It is quite entertaining :)

  3. I can't find these anywhere :(( please please please help ...........

    1. A Quarter of Sweets is the only place I've seen them in-person but American Soda have since got them online here:


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