Thursday 31 October 2013

Lindt Lindor: Coconut

Product name: Lindt Lindor: Coconut
Purchase details: £4.50 for a 200g box (Sainsbury's)
Unsure – estimate 77 per truffle
Country of origin:

Despite my previously voiced apprehension surrounding Lindt Lindor truffles (see here), I’ve actually been searching for this limited edition Coconut variety for ages. In the end, I had to call in reinforcements, so tonight’s review is thanks to my sister who finally managed to find me a box! Due to my love of coconut, I expected these truffles to be another exception to the rule in terms of my enjoyment of the brand, although I was slightly disappointed that they consisted of milk chocolate shells rather than white chocolate.

I absolutely loved the colour used for the box and foil wrappers of these ‘milk chocolate truffles with a smooth melting coconut filling’ and, due to the icy shade and white floral decoration, I actually thought they looked quite Wintry and snow-like. I do wish Lindt would put the nutritional information on the packaging, though, since I've again had to rely on MyFitnessPal for the calorie count.

These truffles had the same outer appearance as the Caramel variety and emitted a deliciously strong, milky coconut smell. On cutting into a ball, I found that the chocolate shell was nice and thick, and the white filling contrasted well with this.

When biting into a truffle, the aforementioned thickness of the milk chocolate was immediately apparent and it tasted as good as Lindt normally does, with a minimum of 31% cocoa solids and 20% milk solids.

Whilst only 1% of the product was coconut powder, this flavour was strong and tasted lovely and sweet, although the nutty element was also present. Despite my initial concern, I found that this did actually go really well with the milk chocolate and, to be honest, white chocolate probably would have been a little bit too sweet.

Aside from the flavour being really good, I was pleased that it wasn’t actually that Lindor-like in that I didn’t find it at all sickly. Maybe the curse is broken?!

I found these truffles quite greasy to touch but, in the mouth, they did have a great texture. They weren’t as silky smooth as the Caramel ones in that the coconut centres didn’t turn into puddles in quite the same way due to a slight graininess. However, the balls did still melt well and the truffle aspect did have its anticipated cooling effect.

On the whole these truffles were so milky and smooth that eating them wasn’t that dissimilar to drinking a glass of milk – they just had a more awesome flavour. I think I’m in love. 

Appearance: 9/10
Overall score:

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