Friday 18 October 2013

Leibniz Pick Up!: Black 'n white

Product name: Leibniz Pick Up!: Black ‘n white
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£0.65 for a 28g biscuit (
148 per biscuit
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Exciting times – I’ve recently done another order from Monster Sweets so I now have lots of delicious goodies to review! Tonight I’m reviewing the first of these products – the Leibniz Pick Up!: Black ‘n white (once again, I’m resisting the temptation to sort out the missing apostrophe!).

This product was made by Bahlsen and came in a striking yellow and black wrapper. Since none of the product information was written in English, I couldn’t be certain of the product description, but I knew from a basic online translation that it was a milk chocolate sandwich biscuit with a white chocolate filling. 

After adding this biscuit to my order, I was contacted by Monster Sweets to let me know that, unfortunately, their latest box from the supplier had been damaged in transit and so their biscuits were a bit broken, but they kindly added an extra couple onto my order by way of apology. Obviously this means that my biscuits didn’t look as attractive as non-broken ones, but I have based my review on what they would have looked like. (I don’t see broken biscuits as a bad thing my Mum always says: ‘it just means all the calories have fallen out’!)

As depicted on the wrapper, the chocolate biscuits were extremely dark (like the colour of an Oreo), whilst the filling was very light, and so it was clear why the product had been given the name ‘Black ‘n white’ – it was a nice contrast. The biscuits had ‘Pick Up!’ imprinted on the top and, due to the missing biscuit corners, I immediately noticed just how widespread and uniform the filling was. For some reason, I had been envisaging a cream-like filling which had white chocolate within it, but it turned out to be a full-on mini white chocolate bar!

The Black ‘n white Pick Up!s had a sweet aroma which seemed to come from the white chocolate. Unfortunately, though, this wasn’t strong. I tried some of the biscuit first and found it to be quite dry and very crispy. Whilst it was slightly chocolatey in flavour, it wasn’t overly so. I wasn’t actually able to try the white chocolate on its own since it was stuck so hard to the biscuit (I just couldn’t separate them!) but I did find that its flavour came through when combined with the biscuit. It wasn’t the best white chocolate I’ve ever eaten but it was certainly creamy and lovely and sweet.

What I loved about this product was how well the layers worked together and I enjoyed having a crunchy texture that surrounded a more solid one. Although the biscuit had been dry on its own, this was not an issue with the chocolate and, despite there only being one layer of chocolate and two layers of biscuit, the white chocolate was the main texture and I found it to be quite cooling.

To conclude, I did really enjoy the Leibniz Pick Up!: Black ‘n white. The flavours weren’t outstanding but, somehow, the combination really worked and it was a great little snack.

Appearance: 7/10
Overall score:


  1. As a lover of white chocolate I think this sounds ace! :) I like the fact that it looks like a bourbon cream with white chocolate in.

    1. Yeah, I was impressed at how noticeable the white chocolate was. I would have expected it if it had been two pieces of chocolate with a biscuit in the middle so to have that impact in reverse was great :)


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