Monday 21 October 2013

Ferrero Hanuta: Haselnuss-schnitte

Product name: Ferrero Hanuta: Haselnuss-schnitte
Purchase details:
£0.89 for a pack of two wafers (
Unsure – estimate 119 per wafer (238 per pack)
Country of origin:

Tonight’s review is of Ferrero Hanuta: Haselnuss-schnitte and, to be honest, I’d never heard of it before Monster Sweets came along!

According to Wikipedia, ‘Hanuta’ is an acronym for ‘Haselnusstafel’ which is the German word for ‘hazelnut bar’. From the foreign wrapper, I could just about work out that the product contained 13% hazelnut, and Monster Sweets described it as a ‘hazelnut chocolate wafer sandwich’ – just my kind of butty!

This packet contained two 22g square sandwiches that contained ‘a thick layer of rich hazelnut chocolate with hazelnut bits’ which were presented in a typically European wrapper. There was no nutritional information provided so I obtained the estimated calorie count from MyFitnessPal

Inside, the lightweight wafers were housed in little foil trays which I wasn’t expecting, and thought was a nice touch. There was an instant hazelnut smell which immediately reminded me of the Hanuta’s relative, Ferrero Rocher – yummy! The product itself was quite plain looking since it essentially consisted of standard wafers and the only colours were different shades of brown. The relatively thick chocolate filling looked dark and appealing and, on cutting into it, it was clear that there were many pieces of hazelnut inside.

Since I’d dissected one of the sandwiches for my photographs, I ate the first one in two halves. Alone, the wafer was very crispy and quite thick, and wasn’t actually sweet, which is what I’d expected. I then tried the other half of the wafer which contained the filling and found that the chocolate tasted pretty dark and nutty. Although there were lots of little pieces, it was easy to bite through, and I loved the Nutella-like flavour. I found the combination of the crispiness from the wafers, softness from the chocolate, and crunchiness from the nuts, worked really well together.

On trying the second sandwich, whole, there was still plenty of flavour, but I found it a bit dryer as there was more wafer. For me, this made the chocolate layer a bit less enjoyable so I think the product could be improved by removing the upper wafer layer and making it an open sandwich instead.

Minor criticisms aside, this was another enjoyable product from Ferrero and I appreciated the way that the nuts used were just the right size – they were big enough to add a crunchy texture but small enough that they didn’t get in the way and ruin the overall experience.

Overall score:

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