Tuesday 29 October 2013

Leibniz Pick Up!: Choco

Product name: Leibniz Pick Up!: Choco
Purchase details:
£0.65 for a 28g biscuit (monstersweets.co.uk)
143 per biscuit
Country of origin:

Next up in my Leibniz Pick Up! reviews is this Choco sandwich biscuit.  

This product was the same as the Choco & milch variety but with a solid milk chocolate filling instead of one with a milk core.

This Choco version was represented by a deeper blue strip on the wrapper and, combined with the yellow and the red that were also present, it took me right back to my childhood with the use of primary colours.

Once again, the biscuit and chocolate both provided a pleasant smell with the chocolate edging it in terms of strength.

The golden biscuit was really crispy whilst the chocolate had the same texture as the white version used in the Pick Up!: Black 'n white – a good, solid piece of chocolate. I preferred it this way to having the soft filling that was present in the Choco & milch.

I loved how thick the chocolate layer was in this Pick Up! Choco since it provided a really chocolatey and milky flavour. It also didn’t have the same sweetness that the Choco & milch had which I, again, preferred.

On paper, this Choco biscuit wasn’t as exciting as the other varieties in the Leibniz Pick Up! range but, actually, it worked really well. I’m also loving the chocolate-centred sandwich concept rather than the more usual chocolate coated biscuit. Well done, Bahlsen! 

Appearance: 7/10
Overall score:

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