Sunday 14 September 2014

Ritz Breaks: Original

Product name: Ritz Breaks: Original
Purchase details:
147 per 31.6g pack

It’s not every day you get sent a packet of crackers with your clothes order but, randomly, that’s what happened when I recently received my Asos delivery!

This little pack of new Ritz Breaks: Original didn’t contain much information on the promotional red, navy and yellow packaging, but the image suggested that it contained strips of mini crackers that could be snapped apart. This, combined with the name and slogan (‘get out and about’), made clear that it was a snack intended for eating on the go. However, since I don’t tend to eat on the move, I decided to try these as part of my usual evening routine.

I was able to obtain the nutritional information from Tesco's website and I also knew that the lightweight crackers were ‘oven baked not fried’. On opening them up, I could see that they were divided into five sets of three crackers that could be broken apart easily along their perforated edges. I thought the design looked a little bit like a Christmas cracker!

Now you, like me, may be thinking that the idea of plain crackers as a snack sounds really boring. The thing is, though, I’d never really appreciated Ritz crackers before. I’d had them with cheese, and I’d had the Cadbury Dairy Milk: Ritz, but I’d never eaten them unadulterated so I was quite interested to see what they were like.

The crackers had a golden, baked appearance and no aroma. Texturally, they were very crisp and had a biscuity element mixed in with the cracker feel, and I found that the crumbs really clung to the teeth afterwards.

The crackers were lightly salted and, although generally plain, there was a very slight sweetness to them which reminded me of rich tea biscuits. They were actually surprisingly nice on their own and not dry either! I also noticed that breaking off the pieces didn’t make a big mess which would obviously be a bonus if you were eating them out and about.

I couldn’t honestly say that I’d choose these Ritz Breaks in favour of my usual sweet treats but they were tasty nonetheless. Bearing in mind that this seemingly bland variety was executed so well, I’d expect the Rosemary & olive oil version to be delicious!

Appearance: 7.5/10
Overall score:

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