Saturday 13 September 2014

Maltesers Teasers

Product name: Maltesers Teasers
Purchase details:
£1.00 for a multipack of three bars (Tesco Superstore)
187 per 35g bar

For someone who was really excited when it was announced that the Teasers chocolate from Celebrations was being made into a chocolate bar, it’s taken me a long time to try one! This Mars product has been out for a while, now, although the packaging did still state that it was new.

These ‘crunchy little Maltesers pieces floating in creamy milk chocolate’ were described as ‘an ingenious way to stop those cheeky Maltesers from rolling away’ and came in the expected red branding.

Each bar was divided into five rows of two bubble-like pieces which featured smaller bubbles in the middle that seemed a little unnecessary. The bar I photographed was also inexplicably damaged, although it was nothing compared to the one I had last night – one half of it was actually flat as it had melted so much prior to purchase! Thankfully, this didn’t take away from the overall idea of chocolate (containing a minimum of 14% milk solids and 25% cocoa solids) being packed full of ‘crisp honeycombed pieces’ (11%) – the base of the bar essentially looked like solidified Teasers spread.

The milky scent, inner appearance and flavour were just as I’d hoped from the delights of the Celebrations' Teasers. The texture was pretty much the same, too, but I did appreciate the nice shape which was easy to bite into and, whilst still chunky, thin enough to provide a greater crisp within the chocolate.

What a delicious treat!

Appearance: 7/10
Overall score:

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