Wednesday 17 September 2014

Kingdom Milk Chocolate & Cappuccino Coffee Centre

Product name: Kingdom Milk Chocolate & Cappuccino Coffee Centre
168 per 30g serving (559 per 100g bar)
Country of origin:

I received this bar of Kingdom Milk Chocolate & Cappuccino Coffee Centre as part of my prize from their Facebook page and, as a lover of coffee-flavoured chocolate (although not actual coffee!), I couldn’t wait to try it.

The overall concept and design was the same as the Dark Chocolate Lemon & Lime Centre, but this bar came in a dark brown and spearmint wrapper (which I thought gave the impression of mint-flavoured dark chocolate!), and featured coffee beans in the background and an image of a coffee cup.

Since the coffee centre also consisted of milk chocolate, it accounted for a huge 94% of the bar. Within this, 38% of the chocolate was sugar, and it also contained a minimum of 34% cocoa solids and 27% milk solids. Once again, the chocolate formed part of the Cocoa Development Project, and natural flavouring was used to achieve the coffee taste.

The slab had the same ridiculously chunky appearance but, obviously, was paler in colour than the dark chocolate. The filling was almost indistinguishable from the shell but it was just about possible to work out which bit was the core.

The aroma wasn’t very strong but there was an element of slightly bitter coffee about it. This bitterness was also present in the taste but the chocolate’s sweetness overruled it, with the two components combining to form a decent coffee chocolate experience.

To chew, the bar had the same texture, and I just loved the silky, smooth and creamy melt of the shell as the milky chocolate gave way to the coffee centre.

The best thing about this bar, for me, was that the emphasis was on the chocolate rather than the coffee, making it preferable to the Ritter Sport Espresso. That’s not to say that the coffee didn’t make a good impact – it did – it just wasn’t so strong that the chocolate became superfluous.

This was another great quality product from Kingdom and my appetite is now well and truly whetted to try the final bar from my bundle – thanks, guys!

Appearance: 7/10
Overall score:

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