Tuesday 23 September 2014

Walkers Extra Crunchy: Sticky BBQ rib

Product name: Walkers Extra Crunchy: Sticky BBQ rib
Purchase details:
£0.79 for a 175g bag (Home Bargains)
130 per 30g serving
Country of origin:

I’ve never tried the Walkers Extra Crunchy range before but, when I heard about the new Sticky BBQ rib flavour, I really wanted to give them a go. Thankfully, I found this bag on a Spotted on Star Buys promotion shortly after, so I got my chance!

The purple bag was attractive and quite festive, with its sparkly design, and the bowl of crisps on the front looked very appetising. I did notice a typo, though, since the front said that each serving contained 139 calories when the back said 130 (I managed to work out that the latter was correct based on the values provided per 100g).

The crisps themselves looked pretty standard in that they were all different shapes and sizes – I was particularly pleased to see the inclusion of ones that had been folded since they’re always my favourite! The bag said they’d been ‘sliced a little thicker’ and this was just about evident in their appearance. They were a nice golden orange colour too.

Unlike other meaty crisps I’ve had recently, these weren’t suitable for vegetarians since the seasoning contained ‘Norfolk dried pork shoulder’ for a ‘finger licking taste’. There were no preservatives, artificial colours or MSG included, and the aroma that was emitted was like a slightly vinegary prawn cocktail flavour. I can’t stand fish so this wasn’t ideal for me but, in crisp form, it wasn’t so bad.

I was quite impressed by the number of crisps in each serving, although I was less impressed by the fact that the bag didn’t contain an even number – 175 isn’t divisible by 30! They had a tangy flavour with a slightly smoky aspect, a tiny tingle of spice, as well as an almost citrusy element at times. They were very tasty but I can’t say I really associated the flavour with ribs as they weren’t very meaty.

There was no arguing with the crunchiness, though, since this aspect was fantastic. As expected, the ones that were doubled over were particularly enjoyable, although probably not for anyone in the same room as me!

These Walkers Extra Crunchy: Sticky BBQ rib crisps were certainly full of delicious flavours but, if I’m honest, they weren’t revolutionary. The taste was definitely a familiar one but this didn’t lessen my high opinion of them as they still tasted good!

Appearance: 7.5/10
Overall score:

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