Sunday 21 July 2013

Ritter Sport Himbeer-Cranberry Joghurt

Product name: Ritter Sport Himbeer-Cranberry Joghurt
Purchase details:
£1.55 for a 100g bar (
142 per four square portion (566 per bar)
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It’s been over a week since my last Ritter Sport review, but it’s now the turn of Himbeer-Cranberry Joghurt – purchased, once again, from the fabulous Monster Sweets.

This bar consists of milk chocolate filled with a raspberry and cranberry yoghurt cream and ‘crispy rice flakes’. As one of the limited edition Summer 2013 flavours, I couldn’t wait to tuck into this snack, although I was slightly nervous that it would be overly tart in flavour.

Ritter Sport Himbeer-Cranberry Joghurt has a noticeably fruity aroma, although this did seem slightly artificial. It’s an incredibly attractive bar, with each of the 16 squares filled deeply with the pale pink yoghurt cream which, in turn, was flecked with darker pink raspberry pieces.

Despite having kept this bar of chocolate in a cool place, I’m aware that the current British heatwave may have altered the texture of the bar. However, my experience was of both the chocolate and the filling being pleasantly soft, and melting beautifully in the mouth. I also enjoyed crunching on the crispy rice pieces which added some interest. I imagine that, in cooler temperatures, the chocolate layer would have been a bit harder, since Ritter Sport's website describes it as ‘crunchy’ – I’m sure this would be just as, if not more enjoyable!

I thought Ritter Sport Himbeer-Cranberry Joghurt tasted superb. The yoghurt experience was captured well and was sweeter and creamier than expected – it wasn’t bitter at all and even had an ice cream element about it. At the same time, it wasn’t as sickly sweet and sugary as other berry chocolates, such as selection box strawberry crèmes, so I was pleasantly surprised (although, towards the end, the sweetness that was present did start to make my teeth feel a bit sensitive).

The overall taste was a delicious fruitiness, with the raspberry flavour being particularly apparent from the flakes that made up 0.6% of the bar. I found a specific cranberry taste to be less identifiable, probably due to there being less of it (0.3% of the product consisted of cranberry juice concentrate). As expected, the milk chocolate was lovely and creamy, with the cocoa adding a nice contrast to the stronger fruit flavours.

I have to say that I loved Ritter Sport Himbeer-Cranberry Joghurt and was impressed by the balance between the fruit and the chocolate. Another thumbs-up for yoghurt chocolate! 

Appearance: 8.5/10
Overall score:


  1. Another one I'm gonna have to try! Great review!

  2. You won't regret it - I'm salivating just looking back at the pictures!

    Thanks :)

  3. This looks so incredibly delicious, there aren't enough fruity flavoured chocolates in the UK, great review :)

  4. Right you are, although I'm waiting for the day I finally have enough calories left to try (and review) the Cadbury Dairy Milk: Strawberries & creme that's been sitting on my shelf for ages ;)



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