Wednesday 24 July 2013

Megaload Original

Product name: Megaload Original
Purchase details:
£2.50 for a pack of three cups (A Quarter of Sweets)
120 per cup (360 per pack)
Country of origin:

I’ve made no secret of the fact I love peanut butter and, until recently, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups have been at the top of my leader board. Today, though, I bring you Megaload – peanut butter cups covered in real chocolate (rather than a chocolatey coating) and finished with different toppings. (According to the paper cases within this pack, this brand was previously called ‘Overload’.)

Prior to starting this blog, I tried Megaload Sweet & Salty which were topped with different pretzels, and were delicious. This post, though, is reviewing Megaload Original, which I finally managed to track down in A Quarter of Sweets where the friendly man behind the till took the time to comment on how good they were.

This pack contained three peanut butter cups which were smaller in size than their Reese’s competitor, and were served in a plastic tray rather than on a piece of cardboard. It was clear from their appearance that the chocolate was indeed the real deal due to its glossy nature and the way it had set around the three different finishing touches on offer: a chocolate chip cookie, candy coated chocolate pieces, and a chocolate sandwich cookie. The cups emitted a faint scent of peanut butter, but ultimately, this was overpowered by the smell of chocolate.

These cups certainly looked interesting, with the candy coated chocolate variety looking particularly attractive due to the bright, shiny colours. (These appeared to be genuine M&M’s Minis as they were decorated with the familiar letter ‘M’, but I’ll refrain from referring to them as such in case they were just good imitations!) The chocolate sandwich cookie was Oreo-like in appearance, albeit with a different pattern on the shallower biscuit, whilst the cookie appeared standard with three large chocolate chips lopsidedly on show.

Inside, the peanut butter filling did not appear to be very deep, although I should add that my picture is misleading as the centre of the cup collapsed slightly! The depth of the peanut butter towards the edges of the cup is a true representation of the quantity throughout. 

The peanut butter in these cups was very smooth, although its flavour wasn’t as strongly nutty as I’d hoped. However, I did find that its taste built during the consumption of each cup, and the creamy cocoa of the chocolate coating provided plenty of alternative flavour.

I don’t think I can choose a favourite out of the three available toppings – they all offered different things but were equally yummy. As expected, the cookie had a standard flavour, although with more chocolate chips hidden inside, and I was surprised at how well its dry, crunchy texture worked with the softer, moister cup beneath. The Oreo-like biscuit didn’t have the strong cocoa taste I was expecting, but its centre was a creamy vanilla flavour. Again, the contrasting textures were a nice touch here, particularly as it had the layered effect of soft cup, crunchy biscuit, soft cream biscuit filling and another crunchy biscuit. As for the candy coated chocolate pieces, these added a lovely sweetness, in addition to a nice crunch.

I have to say that I think this is a genius concept, made even better by the inclusion of real chocolate. Once again, the combination of sweet and salty is a winner, and I just loved mixing the soft and crunchy textures. The only reason these haven’t scored more highly is that I think they could do with either a nuttier peanut butter, or a deeper peanut butter filling, in order to better counteract the extra sweetness provided by the toppings. Other than that...brilliant!

Overall score:

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