Sunday 14 July 2013

Meiji Yan Yan (creamy vanilla)

Product name: Meiji Yan Yan (creamy vanilla)
Purchase details:
£1.49 for a 57g tub (
150 per 30g portion (300 per tub)
Country of origin:

When American Soda (see here) recently had a free delivery offer in honour of Independence Day, I just couldn’t say ‘no’, and today’s review goes to one of the items I picked up in this order: Meiji Yan Yan (creamy vanilla).

I had previously come across the Meiji brand in one of my local sweet shops and, as a result, have already tried and enjoyed the strawberry and vanilla versions of their Hello Panda biscuit snacks. Browsing the American Soda website, though, was the first time I’d come across this Yan Yan product which seemed to be an interesting alternative to the more familiar KP Choc Dip snack that’s widely available in the UK.

I’ve previously mentioned my love of vanilla so I had no problem opting for the creamy vanilla variety of this product. Being used to the short stature of Choc Dips, I was impressed, on receiving my delivery, at how big a tub these Yan Yan came in. However, on the flip-side, the packaging did suggest that it contained two servings which seemed a bit strange to me as I didn’t see how the ‘creamy vanilla dip’ could easily be preserved once the lid had been peeled off the tub. In addition, I didn’t regard it as a snack that could easily be shared, but maybe that’s just me!

On removing the lid, I thought the inner packaging was neatly presented and designed – despite the amount of miles they had travelled, not one of the biscuit sticks had broken! Whilst not emitting strong aromas, the vanilla dip did have a mild vanilla scent, and the biscuits smelt of a sweeter Rich Tea biscuit.

Each biscuit has a picture and name of an animal, along with a comment about said animal. Whilst I thought this was a bit odd, I admit it was a nice touch!

The snack itself was delicious. The biscuits glided easily through the sweet and silky vanilla cream. The biscuit sticks were obviously simple but this was all that was needed when combined with the dip. Alone, they didn’t taste of much and would have been a bit dry when eating them all, but the vanilla transformed their taste and added much-needed moisture.

Unsurprisingly, I really enjoyed the creamy dip and found that not much was needed on each biscuit to make a significant difference to the product experience. My only criticism of the dip is that I would have liked it to have had tasted a little more vanilla-like and a little less sugary.

Other than that, the only other issue I had with Meiji Yan Yan was that it was hard to judge how much dip to use on each biscuit. I quickly realised I needed to use a lot less than my photograph shows, but my early rookie mistake meant that I was running out of cream towards the end of the pack. Therefore, I don’t think it would hurt to provide a slightly larger quantity of the cream in each tub – there is certainly room for it!

I thoroughly enjoyed Meiji Yan Yan (creamy vanilla) and look forward to trying some more of Meiji’s products in the future.  

Appearance: 8/10
Overall score:


  1. Oh these look really nice! I will have to have a look for these the next time that I go to my local import shop, loved your review and great blog!

  2. I hope you find them - they're great!

    Thank you :)


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