Sunday 28 July 2013

Milka Caramel Cream

Product name: Milka Caramel Cream
Purchase details:
£1.00 for a 100g bar or buy two get one free (Poundworld)
136 per 25g portion (540 per 100g bar)

This bar of Milka Caramel Cream was my last remaining one from the three for two deal in Poundworld. It was also the one I was most looking forward to trying due to the two different layers within the chocolate making it a more interesting concept for a caramel product.

Milka Caramel Cream is a milk chocolate bar, 35% of which is made up of a ‘caramel flavoured milk filling’, whilst 15% of it is a more common caramel. Despite careful studying of the familiar purple wrapper (I did like the swirled cream and caramel imagery on the front), I couldn’t actually work out where this product was produced – all I can say is that the contact addresses given were for the UK, Ireland, Romania and Turkey...make of that what you will!

When I removed the wrapper, I immediately noticed a strong, creamy aroma which wasn’t dissimilar to Lindt Lindor truffles. The bar was divided into 15 larger-than-normal squares, like Milka Cream, in order to contain the cream centres. Visually, the bar was an attractive milk chocolatey colour, although mine had tarnished slightly due to the recent British heatwave.

When looking at a cross-section from one of the bar’s snapping points, the main caramel cream layer looked pale and milky, and also not as deep as the wrapper had suggested. There was also no sign of the runnier caramel. However, on cutting a square in half, this additional amber layer was revealed, along with the hidden depth of the caramel cream layer. These contrasting layers looked very appetising and the bar itself looked promising.

On eating the bar, I noticed that the Milka chocolate didn’t have the nutty element that I’d detected in the other bars I’ve tried. However, it remained smooth and creamy and it melted very well. The combined components were lovely and soft and I particularly liked the texture of the caramel cream layer as it provided a contrast that wouldn’t have been there if there had been a thicker layer of chocolate, and it also prevented there being an overwhelming quantity of runny caramel. Initially, I didn’t think I could actually taste this layer, but I later realised that it did seem to have its own milky flavour which also contributed to the overall caramel taste.

As nice as this bar was when left to melt in the mouth, I preferred to chew it as this allowed the top caramel layer to burst out, almost unexpectedly. I really enjoyed this sweet layer and, whilst it was quite deep, I think it would have been nice if it had contributed to slightly more of the filling, spread across the whole of the top layer rather than keeping it central.

I found Milka Caramel Cream to be a much more interesting caramel chocolate – it took the positive aspect of a runny caramel encased in chocolate but made it better by adding an extra cream layer. I’d definitely buy this again. 

Appearance: 8/10
: 7.5/10
Overall score:

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