Saturday 5 July 2014

Lindt Lindor: Strawberries & cream

Product name: Lindt Lindor: Strawberries & cream
Purchase details:
£3.50 for a 200g box (Wilkinson)
76 per truffle
Country of origin:

A few months ago now, Lindt announced that their next new and limited edition of Lindor would be Strawberries & cream. I was extremely excited about these ‘white chocolate truffles with a smooth melting filling’ so couldn’t believe my luck when I found them the very next day. However, I’ve been very restrained and only just opened them – I’d love to pretend I was waiting for Summer but, really, I had other products that needed eating first!

The presentation of these chocolates was lovely. They came in a girly pink and Summery-feeling box and were individually wrapped in metallic pink foil. The truffles were the usual shape (albeit with shallower ‘plugs’ where the centres had been piped in – see my Caramel review for comparison!) and the white chocolate was liberally flecked with varying shades and sizes of pink. I’d loved the box’s imagery of the baby pink liquid being poured into the chocolate shells but, of course, the centres were more solidified in their finished form. However, the filling remained pale and smooth, although I noticed that its hue had been achieved with beetroot red colouring.

The creamy berry aroma that these Lindor emitted was just like strawberry milkshake. The chunky chocolate was infused with strawberry and tasted creamy, too, with a vanilla flavour and beautiful hints of berry.

The truffles’ centres provided the usual melting texture but with a slight graininess thrown in. I was delighted to find that even this tasted of white chocolate, although the 0.4% strawberry powder and 1.1% cream powder also made their mark. To my delight, they tasted just like milkshake in a more indulgent food form! However, it wasn’t sickly, and the grainy texture somehow reduced the richness which meant it didn’t feel quite as in your face as some of the other Lindor varieties.

Despite buying these immediately in fear or the limited edition not being around for long, I know that Lindor: Strawberries & cream are still available in shops. Here’s hoping that Lindt recognise just how fantastic they are and allow them to be a permanent fixture in the range – I loved them!

Appearance: 9.5/10
Overall score:

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