Friday, 4 April 2014

Nestlé Aero (orange)

Product name: Nestlé Aero (orange)
Purchase details:
£0.29 for a 41g bar or four for £1.00 (Home Bargains)
221 per bar

I’ve been looking for the new white chocolate Nestlé Aero for a few weeks now, with no luck, so I decided to take up this great offer on the orange variety whilst my search continues! It was only when I spotted them in Home Bargains that I realised how long it’s been since I’ve had orange Aero chocolate. In fact, whilst I know I’ve definitely had the Bubbles before, I’m not certain I’ve ever had the standard bar version.

It was the orange bubbles on the white wrapper that drew my attention to this bar of ‘smooth milk chocolate filled with orange flavoured bubbles’ that had been produced for the UK and Ireland market. This shade was replicated in the aerated centre beneath the glossy chocolate coating (containing a minimum of 14% milk solids) and I noticed that the colour had been achieved through the use of paprika extract.

The bar itself was divided into 10 domed sections that were intended to look like bubbles (notice a theme here?!) and each segment had the Aero logo imprinted on it. I was pleased to find a strong orange scent on opening the wrapper and, whilst this seemed a bit sweeter than the aroma of Terry's Chocolate Orange: Milk, it had a lighter feel to it too.

Unsurprisingly, the bar had Aero’s usual enjoyable aerated texture, and I liked how this centre was soft enough to give way when allowing a piece to melt on the tongue. When chewing, the bar felt quite thick and slightly grainy, so it really made an impact in the mouth.

The chocolate was quite creamy on first taste but then a tang broke through. The flavour was actually quite innocent but it was recognisably orange. I didn’t find the tanginess to be as strong as a Tery's Chocolate Orange: Milk but it did have a slightly metallic element and, like the scent, it felt a bit lighter.

This Nestlé Aero (orange) was as orange chocolate should be: full of flavour and incredibly moreish. I thoroughly enjoyed every mouthful and could easily take advantage of this bargainous offer again!

Appearance: 7.5/10
Overall score:

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